daily eats: 2.4.13

Hi! Long time, no daily eats posts. (3 months actually!)

I hope you all had a great Super Bowl (if you celebrate). I tried to catch most of the commercials and ate artichokes, chips with salsa and queso and chicken fingers. (I have no idea…but they sounded SO good!) I sipped on some wine with the snacks and then made some paleo chocolate chip cookies that my friend Erin pinned – she seriously pins the best paleo recipes.

am workout: 30 minute express physique 57. I’ve been doing the physique 57 dvds for a few months now and am a big fan. Do I look like Kelly Ripa? Not yet but I’ll keep you posted. ;)

breakfast: coffee with half & half + 2% and a banana pancake that I baked into a huge banana loaf (way easier than making separate pancakes!) – I make them with bananas, almond meal, flax meal, eggs, egg whites, vanilla and cinnamon and top with some almond butter and a small drizzle of maple syrup. Trust me when I say it is hideous (especially in fluorescent lighting). Most of us thought it tasted good… 

lunch: chopped salad with romaine, kale, cucumber and pepper + 5-6 oz chicken + 1 slice turkey bacon + 1. 5 hard boiled eggs + annie’s light honey mustard dressing.

and a cookie for dessert!

pre-run fuel/snack: few bites of applesauce for some sugar

pm workout: run! I think I might sign up for a 1/2 marathon. I really have no idea what brought this on, it kind of came out of nowhere. (maybe because I’m turning 30, maybe because I just joined a gym, maybe as an excuse to buy some workout clothes, maybe because one of the 1/2 marathon possibilities is in Santa Barbara which means I could turn it into a running and WINE weekend?!) Whatever the reason, I am literally starting at the beginning. I really haven’t done much cardio in the last few months so when I say I’m starting at the beginning I mean, I’m running: 1 mile, 1 mile, 1.5 miles, 2 miles this week. I’ll run more than just 1 mile per workout, but I need to run a mile straight, then take a walking break, then start running again. {Today’s workout ended up being about 4.5 miles total: run 1, walk .5, run 1, walk .5 and 1.5 miles round trip walk to and from gym}

snack: my new favorite – Finn Crisp cracker + deli turkey + mustard – 2 of them are about 100 calories and have more than 10 grams of protein!

dinner: “the word’s best chicken” (recipe from pinterest) + asparagus. The chicken is really good but world’s best might be a stretch, although I have made it a few times now…

dessert: paleo cookies (3)  – the cookies get really soft the next day, I think next time I’ll try adding some more almond meal and freeze them into little dough balls.

I’ll have prettier pictures on my next post, promise! :)


  1. says

    I love the turkey/mustard/crisp combo for a snack but I haven’t had it in a while…gonna have to bring that one back. :) I think you should totally do the Santa Barbara race. And take pictures so that I can live vicariously through you.

    • Emily says

      Yeah, I considered a 10k but that didn’t seem “hard” enough…marathon is on the other end of the spectrum to me so a half seems about right!

  2. Christy says

    Half marathon – yay and good luck!! :) My favorite part is it’s a great excuse to carbo cram the night before!

      • Christy says

        I have done a few these last two summers and really enjoy them, good excuses for weekends away! I’d recommend finding a running partner to try and keep it “fun”. My dog never says no to keeping me company :) and I get Chris to ride bike alongside sometimes, it really helps!

  3. says

    All your eats look SO good! I’m drooling over that not pictured banana loaf :) And, pretty sure I should have that salad for lunch tomorrow and (finally) bake those paleo cookies tomorrow night!

    Yay! Half marathons are tons of fun!

    Many thanks for the shout out, too, friend :)

  4. says

    Salad looks AWESOME and speaking of 1/2 marathons! I just signed up for the Rock n’ Roll in Nashville, because I’ve always wanted to visit and rock my cowgirl boots. So sign up for that 1/2 and then enjoy the wine tastings after. A nice reward I would say! ;)

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