daily eats: 4.1.11

After a quick twitter poll (love Twitter.) I decided that I would do some “daily eats” posts from time to time. I’ve done them a few times, but I think it will give a better and closer look on how I actually eat, day to day, boring food and all. It’s not all exciting eats here at A Nutritionist Eats. ;)

This is also a great example of how random things come up and can totally change your day/what you eat – I was planning on staying home Friday night but the Taster’s game friend couldn’t make it so I decided to go to the Timberwolves game with him at the last minute. Life. It’s always getting in the way of things. ;)

Friday 4.1.11

Morning Workout: 20 minutes on the elliptical

Fresh Juice: cucumber + celery + romaine + pineapple

Coffee + Coconut Creamer

Breakfast: French Meadow Bakery Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bagel + Earth Balance Spread

Lunch: Sauteed Kale and Chipotle Salad: lettuce + chicken + black beans + fajita veggies + mild & medium salsa + little sour cream + extra lettuce with guacamole and chips from home (Normally I LOVE Chipotle’s guac – but this batch was just ok)

60 Minute Yoga Sculpt Class: I typically don’t work out on Friday afternoons, but this class worked perfectly for an errand the Taster had to run and it was so nice to start the weekend with a workout!

Dinner: Buffalo Wontons + Veggie Panini & Sweet Potato Fries + Wine (Since I needed food hours ago at this point, I ordered the buffalo wontons immediately and then we split the sandwich – the wontons were pretty good but the sandwich was below average.)

Random Snackage: Brownie Bite (it happens when you work in a bakery) + Raw Macaroon (after yoga)

Wine & Toasted Seaweed at the game (the guys sitting behind us were pretty interested in the seaweed snacks and sampled them :) )

Let me know what you think of these – like, dislike, want more, etc.!


  1. Marnie says

    Love it! Even if it’s boring to you, it might inspire others in some way. Plus, it’s interesting to know what you do on a daily basis. I especially like seeing your choices dining out!

  2. says

    Although I don’t read many blogs that show all of their eats in one day, it is interesting once in a while to see what people eat! I love that you eat/drink so many veggies in the morning. That is definitely something I want to do more of!

  3. says

    Wow, if you call that boring you’d hate to see my typical day’s eats. ;-)
    I enjoy these posts, and I think it’s great for readers to see that as a dietitian you enjoy all foods/drinks. Sometimes people think that RD’s sit home and measure all their food groups, etc.

    I’ve been really enjoying all the great variety in your posts. Something fun everyday!

  4. says

    art was at the wolves game on friday too! that was one against lebron james’s team right? for as much as basketball is on at our house, i cannot remember what team that is. miami maybe?

  5. says

    I’ve been buying those seaweed snacks lately too. They are addicting, but you have to check your teeth afterwards. :)

    I enjoyed reading your day of eats. The raw macaroon looks yummy – I have some in my fridge and think I better go eat one now.

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