daily eats: 5.03.11

Tuesday May 3rd:

5:26 am wake up call via Sleep Cycle app (amazing so far!)

6:00 am – yoga sculpt class – feel like the biggest wimp/strongest person all in the same hour

8:00 am – Get settled into work with Coffee – did you know it is Hemp History Week?


Breakfast: Multigrain Waffles (originally purchased for the Taster but I’ve eaten most of them) + earth balance + peanut butter


Wonder if “Oats in a Jar” are really as good as everyone says they are? How are they different than just adding peanut butter to oats…debate wether to save the jar or not… someone please enlighten me.

Realize I should be eating a Hemp Bagel for Hemp History Week.

Lunch: California Sandwich: guacamole + pepperjack cheese + sprouts + tomato on whole grain bread. Carrots/celery + hummus and dried mango on the side.

Wish it was warm like California…remember I’m going in 8 days…smile :)

Recall my Food Microbiolgy Professor stating that he would never eat sprouts because of cross contamination. Continue to eat sprouts anyway. Mental note: don’t forget to take probiotics.

Snack: Try a Strawberry Odwalla Protein Monster with some twitter.

Is this what strawberry pepto bismol tastes like? Dislike and toss. Feel guilty for wasting food.

Reach for standard snack as of late – organic string cheese & roasted seaweed. Much better.

7:00 pm pour myself a glass of wine with a background of Real Housewives :)

Dinner: tilapia + frozen green beans (1/2 bag)+ an egg

Wonder what people will think about the random egg…

Decide a few bites of Coconut Ice Cream would be a good food to end the day with. :)


  1. jackie says

    Love how you are posting your daily eats sometimes…the sandwich looks great! I will have to look for those guacamole packets at the grocery store. They look very convenient.

  2. says

    How are you so cute at 6am? :)

    Ahh, Food Micro. That class has messed with my mind more than any other. Sushi, sprouts, oysters, undercooked meat of any kind – all becomes lethal through the eyes of a food micro professor. Plus, you had to memorize all the different types of stool that could be a result of foodborne illness. I hated having to write notecards with descriptors of ‘runny, bloody, loose’ etc.

    • Emily says

      Well that picture was post-yoga. :) Thank you.
      I kind of enjoyed that class (except that I was terrified to eat just about everything) but yes, memorizing every detail of every foodborne pathogen was ridiculous!

  3. Natasha says

    I live in San Diego, CA…It’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL out right now!

    P.S., lunch looked delish! Happy Hemp History Week!

  4. says

    Oats in a jar is a good way to use that last bit of peanut butter, but it looks like you scraped it down pretty well. I think the fun is getting to dig it out of the bottom or scrape it off the sides as you dip in for more oats. Your sandwich looks amazing… as in I would eat it right now. BUT, I would toast the bread.

  5. Mo says

    Great post. That sandwich looks amazing! (I’m a sandwich girl for sure.)

    Oh, and the sprouts…well, I agree just take the probiotics. Just don’t eat the deli salads with grape tomatoes. ;-)

  6. says

    Mmm, looks like a pretty tasty day…aside from the strawberry pepto! Blech!

    I love oats in a jar…actually, I love OVERNIGHT oats in a jar! I usually try to save about 1 tablespoon of nut butter in the jar so that I can scrape a little off the sides in each bite and then also have a fun little surprise waiting for me at the bottom!

    Too funny about the sprouts! And I love your random egg! I get egg cravings all the time!

  7. says

    LOVE oats in a jar! I feel like i get nut butter in every taste as opposed to just the first couple bites! Try it… you’ll love it!

  8. says

    oats in a jar are good – i mean, they are the same as oats with peanut butter, so really, they are just as good! and i love your eating – especially ending the day with choc chip cookie dough coconut bliss. soooooooo good!!!

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