daily eats: 6.13.12

On my last daily eats post, I asked if you would rather see a juice fast/cleanse or a day from Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut plan. Making the Cut was the clear winner and is a “30-day diet and fitness plan for the strongest, sexiest you!” It is a book I’ve had for quite some time and I’ve tried a recipe or two, but that was really the extent of it. I thought it would be fun to revisit the book!

The premise is that you take a quiz (At dinner you prefer to eat: a. chicken, b. no preference – choice varies daily, c. heavier, fatty foods – pastas, steak, potatoes) and then you use the answers to determine your “metabolic type.” I am a balanced oxidizer, and so the suggested macro nutrient ratio is 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. I would definitely agree that my body does best on a similar way of eating. I’m not, however, really a fan of the “fake” foods she recommends such as low carb yogurt, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and fat-free dairy products.

It is a pretty strict plan and is for those who are moderately fit and don’t need to lose more than 20 pounds. A few of the rules: no alcohol, stick to your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) caloric amount (mine was at 1400), no skipping meals, no processed foods, write everything down in a food journal, etc.

There are of course, also workouts included – lots of strength training and interval cardio work.

Daily Eats: 6.13.12 – Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels

Coffee: coffee + a mix of 1/2 & 1/2 + coconut creamer

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs + 1 serving kashi go lean + almond milk

This was a great breakfast and something I need to have more often – it was filling, full of protein and quick! 

Workout: 45 minutes spin

Lunch: artichoke, fennel & tomato salad + a chicken breast (x2 on the salad – I was still hungry)

This lunch was great and the salad was delicious, I’ll definitely be making it again. It would be perfect to take to work. 

Snack: 1 slice sprouted bread + 1 Tbsp peanut butter

This is a filling and satisfying snack! Must add to the rotation. 

Dinner: brisket + garlic green beans + (more) artichoke salad


Brisket was not technically one of the dinners listed for my oxidizer type, but beef is permitted so I figured it was ok. 

And…a few pieces of chocolate for dessert. Definitely not Jillian approved but definitely necessary. :)

Thoughts on the Day: The meals were filling, but it did kind of feel like something was missing. My macro nutrient ratio was a little off – 49% fat, 28% carbohydrate and 23% protein. I certainly wouldn’t be able to last 30 days on a plan this strict, especially because I went way over the calorie limit that she suggested but I think it is definitely the way to look your best quick – lots of lean protein, smart carbs and nothing processed.


  1. says

    I like the idea of breaking body type down by metabolic type but you’re right, it does seem a little strict. With all the “nos” I can see where something would feel like it was missing. However, the premise of it – with the protein and smart carbs – is pretty close to the way I like to eat (when I’m not on a five-day-long lasagna binge the way I have been lately).

    PS have you tried the hazelnut coconut creamer? SO good!

    • Emily says

      I haven’t tried it! By the time I started using the Coconut Creamer, I no longer liked my coffee sweet. I should get it though – I’m sure my husband would like it! (And hazelnut used to be my favorite)

  2. Erica says

    When even a health-conscious nutritionist isn’t able to stomach diets like these, it makes me feel less guilty for not eating perfectly all the time! Thank you for your honesty and pragmatism. I am totally on board with (what I think is) your food philosophy: eat a variety of healthy foods in moderation, and listen to your body. Oh, and drink coffee, wine and eat chocolate! Love it!

    • Emily says

      Yes, it would be way too strict for me to follow for any amount of time (and apparently even one day) and too little food! There doesn’t seem to be any room for fun either! Although, the premise is sound and some of the meal ideas were great.
      You have my philosophy down! :)

  3. says

    I absolutely ADORE almond milk (I actually just downed a glass of it a few minutes ago). :D Is protein powder allowed on the plan? If so I’m sure you could have a delicious “milkshake” while having it quite good for you too. :)

  4. says

    This is so interesting and I’m really glad you tried it out for a day and gave such honest feedback! It’s always one thing to read the books but another to see someone putting it into action. I love all the meals you chose and am glad you finished the day off with some chocolate. ;)

    Also, I LOVE that coconut creamer. The vanilla is my favorite!

  5. says

    I hate to be a skeptic, but I’ve always been uneasy about diets like these.

    Really, I think the best way to get healthy is to “relax” your way into good habits.

    This is how it worked for me. I didn’t have a huge plan and 30, 60, and 90 day goals and grocery lists. I simply picked up a few new practices, enjoyed improving on them day to day, and went from there.

    I was reading the other day that lots of the participants on the Biggest Loser balloon back up when they leave the show because they no longer have a carrot and stick being waved in front of them….I’d think a similar effect exists here?

    I think you need to have a very structured environment and external stimuli to stick with something like this….even for a few weeks.

    • Emily says

      I certainly agree – I think most people do better introducing gradual changes and not something too drastic. Some people really do need structured plans, but this would be way too strict for me!

  6. says

    I just had the most interesting conversation yesterday with a patient about metabolic typing for weight loss. It’s an intreguing concept. Althoug…sorry Jillian…I would not be able to cut the booze!

  7. says

    Interesting that the quiz gives you a “type”…it’s also interesting that she recommends things like fat-free dairy but you’re not allowed processed food. Fat-free dairy is processed, no? :) That salad sounds yummy- was that a recipe from the book?

    • Emily says

      Yes…I’m not sure what her definition of “processed” is…
      The salad was a recipe from her book and was delicious. Essentially fennel, artichokes, tomatoes, olives and red onion in a balsamic dressing.

  8. says

    interesting…i wonder how the plan would work for a vegetarian?
    i figure if i eat mostly vegetables, which are super low in calories, i can eat more anyway. ;)

  9. says

    Fun to see how someone puts the advice in a book into action. I don’t think I can be full or happy with a daily diet like this. I liked and totally agree with your conclusion. :-)

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