daily eats 7.9.11 {camp edition}

Saturday was my last full day at camp. I’m definitely feeling a little sad to leave my parents, the campers and our wonderful staff this year. The kids are there until next Saturday, but I’ll be working at my full-time job this week.

7:00 am: sleep in day! 45 minute walk – I have to walk in the morning at camp – it’s typically my only quiet time and I definitely need it.

8:00 am: Coffee with Mom and prep work for the day! We don’t have Dunkin Donuts in Minneapolis and it’s a favorite so I went every day last week. :)

9:00 am: Cooking breakfast with some of the kids. On the menu: Endeavor Egg Sandwich – whole grain english muffin + egg + slice of cheese + tomatoes served with green juice! (All the kids tried the juice and with the exception of one – they all loved it!)

Saturdays are a less-structured, more-relaxed schedule at camp so the morning rotations were various “choice” activities like  a restorative/relaxing yoga class (dubbed “not emily yoga”), a read-in, skill development: wrestling and a beaded bracelets exercise with a special guest.

Lunch: salad greens + veggies + garbanzo beans + tuna salad and celery + peanut butter.

After some pool time it was back to the kitchen for cooking and a few snacks: a Kashi cookie and grape kombucha for a much needed burst of energy. :)

The afternoon cooking session was all about preparing some salads for our cookout dinner – unfortunately they didn’t go over too well and I kind of felt like a failure. Here I was, thinking they would enjoy a break from salads (we have a salad bar at lunch and dinner) but the summer salad and honey mustard coleslaw were not hits. Boo. :(

Dinner: hamburger + sauteed onions + lettuce + tomato and summer salad + honey mustard coleslaw + carrots & celery with homemade ranch dip.

Dessert: handful of m&m’s while preparing the trail mix bar for the kids evening snack to go along with their hoe-down party.

11:30: collapse in a hot cabin.


  1. says

    Aww, it’s sad that they didn’t like those salads – they looked absolutely awesome to me! At least they tried the green juice, which is super awesome! I know the kids I used to teach would never have touched a green smoothie or juice unless I paid them…and even then its a stretch!

    • Emily says

      I was proud that they all tried the juice and happy that almost all really liked it! (They were a little nervous, I could tell! :) )

  2. L. Marie says

    You like Dunkin?!?! I am looking forward to my move back to MSP to get away from all the Dunkin’s here in Boston!

    • Emily says

      I do – hazelnut coffee!
      But I also LOVE the Minneapolis coffee chains as well and frequent them on a regular basis. :)

  3. says

    I think it’s so great that you work at a special camp like that! Cooking for kids is so hard. Even cooking for my nephews is hit or miss- they love kale chips but won’t touch mashed potatoes. What is THAT about?! :) It sounds like you got them to try some new, healthy stuff, though, so that’s a big victory!

  4. says

    soooooo sad i wasn’t able to make it out for camp! seriously. i am going to have to come next year, because it all looks like SO SO SO much fun! glad you had a great summer at camp :)

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