daily eats: 8.29.11

Monday started like most – with a yoga class. But then the similarities ended.

It was a long day of traveling. I had my last work trip and so I’m currently down south in the land of shrimp and grits. For the record, I’m only allowing myself one meal of grits – do you know what they put in that stuff?! It is soooo good, but not exactly easy on the waistline. Georgia was the place that introduced me to grits, before then I had no idea of their glory. Needless to say, I’m a little obsessed. Hopefully tonight I’ll get some grits! :)

6:30 am Yoga Class. I needed to go to yoga before I left because I wouldn’t be able to take a class for the next few days – the horror! 

The airport was really quiet so I had plenty of time before my plane took off. I stopped into the French Meadow Cafe for coffee, water and breakfast.

 I was going to get oatmeal for breakfast but decided that eggs, bacon and toast was more what I was after. I should have just skipped the hash browns all together – I didn’t eat any of them.

On the first leg of the flight I was busy preparing for the week and doing some writing and meal planning.

When I landed in Charlotte I was ready for a meal. I always try to walk around the airports so that I’m not sitting the entire day. This way I can also scope out all of the food options at well.

 It may seem rather unlikely that I ate at Sbarro’s but it was actually pretty easy to build a healthy meal full of vegetables! I had a salad (should have gotten the small, the large was huge), side of vegetables and a meatball. It was great.

On the second leg of the flight I snacked on part of a thinkThin bar, read some Elle magazine and took a miniature cat nap (shh!!).

When I landed in my third state of the day, Florida, I jumped into a car to finish my trip to Georgia!

I managed to track down the one natural food store on the island and then it was time for dinner! Being in shrimp country, I was really on the hunt for shrimp. This grilled shrimp and scallops with succotash (SO good) and green beans was just what I was looking for.

Now I’m catching up on things online and heading to bed! Hope you had a great start to your week.

PS. I have two more weeks of work, three more weeks until the wedding and four more weeks until we move!!!


  1. says

    I love grits! Have you ever tried making the Quaker instant ones? They are so easy and don’t have all the added “bad stuff”. :) Although the “bad stuff” grits are absolutely amazing. Safe travels and hope you are having a good start to the week!

  2. wesley says

    Love these daily eats blog entries! Do you perhaps know any more sites that have this type of content? (Preferably health focused..) Thanks.

    • Emily says

      Thanks Wesley, there are a ton of blogs who post their daily food/activity/etc – some of my favorites are the Actors Diet and the Healthy Tipping Point.

  3. says

    Gosh, I’m having food jealousy. Love everything you chose yesterday!

    I can’t believe you are still blogging so regularly with your busy schedule. Go you! :-)

  4. says

    I’ve never had grits before. I am curious to try it but I would love to try the authentic dish where it originated.

    wow…lots of travel. I used to do that back in the days, so I understand the walking around the airport thing.

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