daily eats: 9.22.13 {weekend edition}

If you were to solely read my daily eats posts, you might think I eat really healthy. All the time.

But it’s not necessarily the whole story. Sure, I love kale, salads and green juice but I also LOVE and I mean LOVE cheeseburgers. And pizza. And ramen. And obviously cheese. (If you follow me on instagram you might see some of these fun meals!) So my typical “daily eats” posts might not necessarily be so typical. It’s also worth noting that they are usually done on Mondays, which is usually a pretty “healthy” day for me in terms of meals and exercise – but not all days are that “healthy.”

So for this daily eats post, I wanted to give you a glimpse of a not-so-healthy day. A day where I may have had too much wine the night before. A day where I don’t exercise. A day where the only vegetable I eat might be a pickle. A lovely, lazy day. :)

workout: uhhh, what?! Saturday night was a late (and ahem, fun) night at my cousin’s 50th Birthday Party. But yeah, working out was not on the agenda. By the way, I think they say 50 is the new 40, but I think 50 is the new 30.

breakfast: coffee + 1/2 & 1/2 with a side of napping and the Packers game. DD has a new “bakery line” and while I didn’t care for the caramel coffee cake (or whatever flavor it was) the old fashioned donut is pretty good. Love Dunkin.

snack: amy’s nacho snacks + salsa. I told Richie these would be better if they were smothered in cheese and dipped in beans. The fillings were seriously lacking.

late lunch: mexican coke + an IPA + a pickle plate + truffle fries + cheesy tots + burgers at Umami Burger. We roamed around The Grove after lunch to find new covers for our phones with no luck. Where do you buy iphone covers?

dinner: fresh spring rolls + steak bun. I needed summer rolls on Sunday night (I’ve told you before that when I get a craving, nothing else will satisfy) so we grabbed some Vietnamese in our neighborhood for dinner. Yes, I’m addicted to eating out. Please send help.

So there you have it. Sometimes those “lazy” days are just what you need…and I actually got a few vegetables in!


    • Emily says

      It is all about balance. :) I got the California, but it was just ok. Have you had their turkey burger? I usually don’t like turkey burgers at all, but theirs is really good! Also, FYI: the cheesy tots were a special but I would not recommend them at all.

      • says

        I’ve only had the original umami burger and the port stilton. The Umami burger is awesome. Good to know re:tater tots. I’ll stick to fries.

        They have a no corkage special this month. Some blogger friends and I are hitting it up for that :)

        • Emily says

          Oh I forgot about the port stilton, they don’t have that one at the Grove location. I LOVE that one! We need to stop going to the Grove, I think that is our problem.

  1. says

    Days like that are so good for the soul. Plus, those kinds of days always make me excited for my salads come Monday afternoon – if I never had fries I doubt I’d ever get excited about salads, I’ll be honest. Looks like you had a fun weekend! :)

  2. says

    mmmmm Spring Rolls. Now I have a craving. thanks. :)

    I always want pizza rolls/nacho rolls to taste better than they do. Somehow they usually disappoint, but I still end up picking up the Amy’s ones when they are on sale.

    Looks like a fantastic weekend day!

  3. says

    I think we would have a wonderful weekend together…too much wine, cheeseburgers, and those fries!!! Just a few of my favorite things and always typically on the weekend. HA! Thanks for sharing this and always nice to see you are “real”. :)

  4. says

    That burger looks to die for and I like this different daily eats! It reminds me that everyone loves to eat out and be lazy sometimes and to take each day at a time. My daily eats have included a lot of popcorn lately, which always reminds me of you!

  5. says

    love this. we are moving in a couple days so we’ve been eating out a lot/eating leftovers and seeing meals like this makes me feel better. case in point: my lunch today was popcorn. blah. we recently bought new iphone covers at target! they surprisingly had a big selection.

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