daily eats: 9.26.12

What a wonderful day yesterday was – I had the day off in observance of Yom Kippur. Even though I’m not Jewish, the organization that I work for is and I’m fortunate enough to get a few extra days off this fall. It was so nice to have a slower day to catch up on errands, take a mid-morning yoga class and get a mani/pedi ($28!).

Breakfast: Ok, this is CRAZY but I had seen it a few times online and was so intrigued, I needed to try it. “Bulletproof Coffee” is a blended mix of coffee, butter (grass-fed) and coconut oil. You are supposed to use “mold -free” coffee beans, but I used my regular, old coffee beans from Trader Joe’s. Blended together, it creates a frothy latte-like drink. It was wonderful and I want to drink it every day. :) Obviously it is mainly fat, which my body does very well on but I’m not sure if it would be enough substance for normal days. On the weekends when I tend to eat more of a “brunch” meal than breakfast it just might work…


Workout: 75 minute yoga class. I initially wasn’t a huge fan of the yoga classes offered at the spinning/yoga studio that I belong to, but I think it might have been because they push me in ways that I’m not used to. I grew accustomed to the classes I used to take and now I’m forced into practicing headstands/handstands (which I don’t love), but know I should be doing. :) That was a really long way to say, I really enjoyed the class and I’ll be making more of an effort to get there on a regular basis.

Lunch: greens + olive oil + smoked trout salad (3 oz smoked trout + mayo + raw sauerkraut) + carrots. I’ve had two cans of smoked trout in the cupboard for months and finally decided to try it out. I’ve always been a little nervous for some reason, but it was a great change from tuna and I’m sure I’ll use that next can soon!

Evening Snack: olives + salami + raw gouda + red wine with a side of computer work and The Real Housewives (favorite guilty pleasure).


Dinner: chicken breast + spaghetti squash + green beans. Earlier today I saw a tweet from my local Whole Foods that they were having a 1-day sale on whole chickens for $.99/pound. Since  I’ve been obsessed with cooking whole chickens lately, I stocked up and bought one to freeze and had the butchers cut up the other one for meals for the next few days. I ate about 2/3 of the chicken breast and saved the rest for lunch.

I finished off the evening with 3 dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I. am. addicted.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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    That coffee creation sounds pretty interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about butter in coffee, but it might be worth a try.

    I feel ya on the yoga studio thing too. I usually decide halfway through a class whether or not I’ll like it, based on how similar it is to my regular type of practice. I’m trying to remember, though, that there’s not just one right way to practice yoga, and that it’s a good thing to see it through each teacher’s perspective rather than get stuck in on style rut!

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    I’ve never had dark chocolate peanut butter cups–I will need to try those sometime! Also, I was the same with Yoga. I wasn’t a fan at first, and I think that was because it was so different than the exercise and classes that I loved. But now I am totally addicted!

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    I have to push myself to step outside of my yoga comfort zone. I love sculpt and hot yoga but don’t love the vinyasa style classes. They are hard! But I have gone at least once a week and have really improved.

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    I’m sorry- BULLETPROOF COFFEE? I am more than intrigued…Googling now.

    Your evening snack looks a little like what mine have looked like, lately. The higher fat content with the cheese and such is so much more satiating than, say, pretzels. And more delicious.

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    Bulletproof coffee?! I’m intrigued and will definitely try! Wonder if it would work with espresso (we don’t have a coffeemaker)…

    Yay for more yoga! I feel the same way about headstands / inversions. I know I should at least try forearm headstand every single class, but dang, it’s hard, and child’s pose always feels exactly where I should be :)

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