daily eats: 9/8/11

Hi Friends!

9/8/11 was a little insane. I really should have started the day with yoga. :)

6:00am workout downstairs – 30 minute treadmill walk/run

8:00 get to work and get called into some last minute meetings – thankfully I had a few sips of coffee but breakfast was delayed until 11:00am. No bueno.

11:00 Breakfast: 1 egg cooked in ghee (butter) + part of whole grain bagel with cream cheese

11:04 Breakfast Two:  part of everything bagel with cream cheese – exactly why it is not good to wait so long to eat – I couldn’t stop! Although it happens rarely that I would put off a meal, even Nutritionists mess up sometimes!

1:30 Lunch: organic turkey burger + caramelized onions + ketchup + mustard with a side of kale and spicy cucumbers (recipe coming soon!) Incredibly ugly meal. Incredibly delicious meal. (Oh and last packed lunch for a while, which is SO exciting!)

3:00 With all the food that had been eaten in the last 5 hours, its amazing that I was hungry again, but such is life sometimes. Starbucks Double Shot (have you ever had one? love them) on the way to get our…

Marriage License! Whoowhoo!!! :) I love crossing things off the list!

 I was planning on attending a yoga class, but we got an invite to a new restaurant opening in our neighborhood and I decided it might be a little more fun to go on a date night.

Crooked Pint Ale House is a new restaurant opening this weekend – even though we are leaving in a few weeks, it is so nice to have something so close to home.

It’s located on Washington Avenue and the atmosphere is great – lots of wood, brick, a stage for live musical and they’ll be showing movies and games on a huge screen as well. I kind of want to go back and hang out asap. This weekend? ;)

I started with wine and the Taster had some beer- they have tons of craft beers on tap – his kind of place. Very reasonably priced as well.

We decided to try the chorizo corn dogs which were a fun twist on the standard corn dog. We liked them, but I’m not sure we would get them again, our server mentioned that the wings were amazing and they had some other fun appetizers to choose from.

I decided on the Rainbow Chopped Salad which was baby romaine, red cabbage, chopped pears and apples, blue cheese, walnuts and red wine vinaigrette. I loved it and it was just the kind of salad I was in the mood for.

I’m not sure if the Packer game or maybe the lack of a State Fair Trip this year that influenced the Tasters meal decision but he tried the Sconnie Cheese Curder – a burger with cheese curds on top. Totally over indulgent and really delicious. (I happily shared some bites and fries for salad.)

We had a great meal and service and can’t wait to go back before our move.

And just like that, the week was coming to an end. Today  I went to yoga first thing and now it is my last day at work so I’m a bit emotional with everything going on. I’ve got a cooking class with Mercedes tonight to look forward to thankfully and more wedding preparations this weekend! {Happy Birthday Mom!!}

Have an amazing weekend! Fun plans?


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    A last day at work is so bittersweet. Exciting and sad at the same time. (I’m guessing more excitement for you with all you have coming up!) Enjoy your Friday Emily, and have a great weekend!

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    That burger looks AWESOME! I love messy burgers. :) They totally hit the spot. Cannot believe you are moving soon…how exciting! I’m hoping to head into NYC tomorrow for a lobster boil for a good friend’s birthday get together. Hard to say no to lobster…Have a wonderful weekend!

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    I think I may have died and gone to heaven. Just looking at that burger covered in squeaky delicious cheese curds makes me swoon.

    Oh, and speaking of swooning, congrats on your marriage license!!

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