expo west 2011

Today I head to California for the Natural Products Expo West show. Sun, warmth and natural food! It will be a wonderful week obviously!

I’m not working in the booth this year, just walking the show, which makes for a much less stressful trip. :) I’ll be sure to update you on the newest and greatest in the Natural Food world again! I may even make another video to give you a peek at what Expo is like. (It’s pretty hard to even imagine and words just don’t do justice!)


Coming Soon: I’m finally getting a juicer! My friends at CSN Stores are helping me out – they’ve got everything from you could ever need – tagines to juicers to a pan set.  All-you-can-drink green juices are finally in my future!



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    I can’t wait to read what’s new and groovy in the natural food world!

    PS I’ve been tossing around the idea of juicing too so I am SO looking forward to following you on that one! Have an awesome awesome time!

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    Emily, hope you are having a great time in my hometown. Now I know why you are in town :) I used to work at that huge hotel next to the Anaheim Convention Center and would get passes to the Expo. I didn’t appreciate it then because I didn’t eat healthy, but now, I wish I had the same priveleges.

    I remember seeing aisles and aisles of nature food, I even tried this lollipop that was all natural and it had a bug in the center.

    Have a good time and be safe in your travels.

    P.S. I really want to try So Delicious’s Dairy Free Coconut Milk Greek Yogurt. I think it’s being introduced at the Expo.

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