expo west 2013: favorite finds {part 1}

This was my 6th year at Expo West and it never gets old. I don’t think it ever will!

Being at the show always brings back lots of memories and is probably part of the reason that I ended up moving to LA. If it weren’t for the yearly trips to Anaheim, which then meant yearly trips to LA, how would I have ever fallen in love with LA?

Anyway, enough babbling let’s get onto the good stuff! There were some really great new products this year. Obviously gluten-free products are still all the rage and it seems that almost every brand has at least 1-2 gluten-free items. I also noticed a lot of meat and jerky products but was surprised I didn’t see more “paleo-friendly” products like bars, cereals, breads or treats. It was as always a mix of healthy, kind-of healthy and organic junk-food.

Here are some of my favorites from the show:


1. habenero pineapple bbq sauce by hak’s / This bbq sauce was ridiculously good. It is currently in Whole Foods on the West Coast but should be making its way to the other regions soon…

2. raw strawberry macaroons by hail merry   / I love their plain macaroons, and this year they introduced strawberry and salted caramel. I was totally expecting to love the caramel, but both Richie and I preferred the strawberry!

3. kombucha by reed’s  / The Reed’s booth was a very popular booth, what with serving cocktails like dark & stormys, moscow mules or vodka + kombucha. Lot’s of fun drinks!

4. frozen burrito + guacamole by evol.  / The frozen burrito is nothing new, but the packet of guacamole on the side is – I love this idea. An instant upgrade to your frozen burritos.

5. unsweetened almond coconut milk by blue diamond / This is my new milk. Part coconut milk, part almond milk, same low-calorie count. Hope to see it in Trader Joe’s or Costco soon!

6. raw onion rings by brad’s / These raw snacks were delicious and not overly-oniony. I’m sure they will be pricey, but for the occasional healthy snack, they are worth it!

7. raw banana nut bread by rawxies / I know I have had this product before but can’t picture it as the packaging has recently changed. The banana nut bread is delicious. You can order them online, right now they are only available in the Kansas City area.

8. goat whey protein by tera’s whey /I’ve loved tera’s whey for years (they are a Wisconsin company) but I had still never tried out the goat protein powder – cool, right? The vanilla flavor (coming soon!) is my new favorite and I will definitely be stocking up on it the minute it comes out. The organic dark chocolate comes in at #2!

9. thai coconut curry hummus by hope hummus / Curry hummus is such a great idea, why have I never thought of that? They also had new cute little tubes of hummus for on-the-go snacking.

Part 2 of my favorite finds are the products that I just have to mention – they are either really cool ideas or really crazy ideas. :)



  1. says

    I am intrigued and a little afraid of the raw onion rings…don’t get me wrong, I love onions and onion rings as much as the next girl (probably more than MOST girls), but still. But if you say they were good, I trust you! And now I must seek them out. Obviously.

    • Emily says

      I mean, it’s a raw “onion ring” so I’m not going to try to say it tastes like a real onion ring, but it is a tasty, healthy snack! :) (I get annoyed when people call things something that they really aren’t…oats in milk with protein powder is not cookie dough…)

  2. says

    Man I loved the Hummus too I’m gonna use it at my wifes next girl’s meet. I lost a bet so I have to come up with something new and interesting for them to try. They should like it… hopefully lol.

  3. says

    Tara’s way is a great local company so I’m thrilled to hear they are doing well and expanding. I want to try the evol brand but haven’t yet. what a fun expo to attend. thanks for sharing!

  4. Mercedes says

    I always love when you do this type of post because then I know what to keep my eye out for when I’m at the grocery store! I can’t wait for part 2!

  5. says

    I would love to try the macaroons…my love for healthy products and coconuts in one package.

    I used to work at the Anaheim Marriott back in college and they would give us passes to go to the Expo, I thought it was cool then to discover new products but didn’t really appreciate good healthy food like I do now.

    I hope to find my way back there to the expo. Maybe next year? I’ll just have to plan it ahead, because I always forget the dates. If you are going next year, hope to meet you.

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