faces of haiti

I had an incredible week in Haiti. We saw close to 800 patients, gave out almost 600 pairs of glasses and prepped patients for surgery this winter. But what really makes me fall in love with Haiti isn’t the number of patients we can help, or the warm, sunny weather – it’s the people. The people of Haiti have more hope, love, resilience and appreciation than I’ve never seen. And they are the reason I’ll keep going back.

They say pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves.


  1. Michelet says

    Dear Emily,
    Thanks so much for posting the pictures of my Haitian folks. The pictures refresh my memory of Thiotte and the people from there. We love you and all the others so much.


    • Emily says

      Thank you Michelet,
      That is so sweet of you! We love you! I’ve got a number of pictures to send to you as well!

  2. Susan says

    Great blog about the food..I have been to Haiti and have had many of the same thoughts about eating while there. Agree that the coffee and peanut butter , as well as the jams are the best…I am returning there in January and look forward to spaghetti for breakfast.. I had totally forgotten about that :)

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