favorite ways to eat avocados


I’ve been doing some (delicious) experimenting with avocados lately.

The health benefits of avocado are wonderful ones: lots of fiber, potassium, vitamins C,K, folate and B6 so they are something that I like to make sure I’m eating on a regular basis and I find it can satisfy me in a way similar to animal protein. It is high in monounsaturated fat but – don’t fear the fat! Monounsaturated fats can help lower blood cholesterol.

Favorite Ways to Eat Avocado

  • chopped and sprinkled on salads
  • blended in smoothie (makes it extra creamy)
  • smashed, and used as a spread on sandwiches, wraps, bread, etc.
  • guacamole – probably my favorite!
I’ve kind of run out of other ideas…

How else can I add avocado to my meals? 


  1. says

    I’ll cut one in half, remove the pit, sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat it with a spoon right out of the skin!

    I really like it in salads and on sandwiches too, I’m not a fan of warm/hot avocado.

  2. Emily says

    I don’t really think I like it warm/hot either. We had avocado “fries” and I was really excited for them, but wasn’t a huge fan.

  3. Laura Burk says

    You can use them to make chocolate pudding. Sounds gross but it was the best pudding I had ever made!

  4. says

    We eat a lot of avocados. I send a ripe avocado half with some triscuits in my daughter’s lunch weekly.

    I saw a recipe for an avocado egg salad on pinterest that is piquing my interest.

    Now I’m craving avocados….

  5. says

    I’ve been on an avocado kick lately. Avocado-Mango grilled cheese sandwiches, guacamummus (avocado + hummus), and a fantastic pasta made with zucchini noodles. I made the sauce by combining baked avocado, greek yogurt, and lemon juice. It was delicious!

  6. says

    I actually have an avocado sitting on my counter at home that I think is destined for a salsa tonight. I love mixing it with fruits (like berries and citrus)- it brings out another layer of flavor/texture.

  7. Emily says

    Kelli, you just changed my life. I just had bread + avocado + parmesan cheese (no cheddar) – broiled and then topped with a fried egg. It was ridiculously delicious. Thank you!

  8. says

    While you’re eating your guac or smashed avocado, you can “accidentally” smear it on your face for a lovely avocado facial! Refreshing, to say the least!

    I had an avocado smoothie for the first time yesterday. AH Mazing!

  9. says

    With eggs and in the form of salad dressing. I’ve only had the dressing at a local restaurant, but came across a semi simple recipe the other day. Can’t wait to give it a try at home!

  10. says

    Sometimes I crave avocado sandwiches — wholegrain bread, toasted, mayo, lots of sliced avocado, and sprouts. Simple and delicious!

    I have also baked with pureed avocado in the past, and have seen plenty of muffin, bread, and cookie recipes that call for it. I find it a little cost-prohibitive, though :(

    And I second the sushi comment — avocado, red bell pepper, and cucumber rolls are one of my favorites!

  11. says

    I ate almost a whole avocado today with lunch on some chips with salsa. Oh and I have to tell you that I talked to Madison today and she said “I really liked that post from Emily’s blog that you tweeted about the other day about meal planning”! You are even a hit with the college students Em!

  12. says

    Chopped up with diced cherry tomatoes, covered in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. It makes a great ‘salad’ for chips. Similarly, I am a HUGE fan of tomato and avacado sandwiches.

    I know there are tons of recipes out there turning it into chocolate mouse or cake. Never tried it but it is on my never-ending to-make list : )

  13. says

    Split the Avo in half, remove the seed, add salt, pepper and fill the cavity with red wine vinegar and a fine olive oil….a variation would put shrimp in the cavity and a dollop of cocktail sauce w/a lemon wedge. 1 Avo makes two servings.

  14. says

    My fave way to enjoy one is cut in half – with a little soy sauce and sriacha. A perfect mid-day snack! I usually eat one half at a time…usually. ;)

  15. says

    I adore them smashed on sandwiches! Once in a while, I’ll pit it and bake an egg in it if I’m willing to wait. Takes a while but well worth it!

  16. says

    In Brazil we learned to eat avocado sweet, although I still love it on sandwiches and quac. Eating it savory was completely foreign to most of our friends there. A common snack was sprinkling a little sugar on avocado slices. So good! I also used to get this great salad at this vegetarian buffet I went to near our apartment. Chopped avocado, sliced banana, drizzled with lime juice.

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