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This Sunday is Earth Day, have you heard?

Do you celebrate or acknowledge the holiday? I will be working all day, but when I was a kid we used to go pick up trash along the side of the road that we lived on. I grew up in the country and people throw out trash and dump garbage all the time. It was a small gesture, but I sill remember doing it. My parents are what I would consider uber-green and always set a great example.

While I aim to be as green as possible all year-round, Earth Day is always a good reminder that I can do better! I do the standards: bringing my bags to the grocery store, carrying around my water bottle with me at all times and buying eco-friendly home cleaning products and organic food when possible, but there are definitely ways that I can improve.

Favorite, Simple Ways to Go Green! 

compost pail via simple human 

household cleaners, detergents via seventh generation

food kozy via kids konserve

glass water bottle via life factory

What are your favorite “going green” tips and tricks? I could add a few to my repertoire. 


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    I love using green soaps, like Mrs. Meyers…they are the best that I’ve found – beautifully fragranced and they actually work! Aside from that, I always use cloth bags for groceries, plastic containers instead of zip-top bags. I really, really, really want to start composting! I need to do a little more research on it though!

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    I have that glass bottle and love it! Reusable bags are next on my list. I try to bring cloth bags to the grocery store, just take product and not put it in those plastic bags, recycle as much as I can as well.

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    thanks for the reminder about earth day! we’ve already planned to go to our local goat cheese farm, about 45 minutes away from us in the countryside. =) they’re having an open house where we get to learn more about goat cheese, meet the goats, explore the farm, etc. seems pretty fitting for earth day! oh, + we’ll make sure to take my Mini Cooper there since it gets great miles/gallon! =)

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    I forgot Earth Day was coming up so soon! I also use tote bags at the grocery store, reuse my lunch bags, and have several stainless steel and bpa free plastic water bottles. I also unplug electronics when not in use (coffee maker, toaster, etc), shut down my computer every night, and try to carpool as often as I can. I want to do more, but every little bit helps!

    • Emily says

      I could definitely improve on unplugging things – I’m so bad at that! You have inspired me, thank you!

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    In addition to the usuals, I buy recycled paper products (TP and paper towels,) and use handkerchiefs instead of kleenex. (I do keep some recycled tissues on hand for guests.) I only go through a roll of paper towels every three or four months, though, as I try to use rags as often as possible!

    Other things . . . I don’t own a car, I buy used clothing/CDs/books/etc. as often as possible, I eat a strict vegetarian diet, use reusable produce bags at the grocery store, use “dryer balls” instead of fabric softener, use rechargeable batteries, wash and reuse ziploc bags when I choose to use them, have made a conscious effort to shorten my showers, I don’t flush every single time at home, I don’t take ATM receipts (my bank will email them to me,) I’ve called companies to get off catalog/junk mail lists, try to make as much food as possible from scratch, take advantage of the bulk aisles (including the liquid bulk — so cheap! and less wasteful!), shop the co-op and Farmer’s Market, and have started a garden with my boyfriend this year.

    A couple of my goals: purchase a Soda Stream, so we can stop buying carbonated water in cans/bottles, and get back into the habit of cooking beans from dried instead of buying canned beans.

    • Emily says

      You. are. amazing. Wow, I’m going to work on incorporating some of those into my life! (I always yell at my husband for taking ATM receipts!)

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    I just got another adorable reusable grocery bag (I think I might be addicted) and I reuse the few plastic bags that I do use. I am working on getting more green…waiting for the day that I can bike to work…maybe one day!

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    We love a soda water, but after seeing the documentary, Tapped, we were ready to swear off bottled water for good. We finally invested in a SodaStream and it has been amazing. Such a great investment. No more plastic bottles and we just fire it up whenever we want some club soda. We love composting too. Fortunately because we have a big yard we have two bins. We generate so much less trash each week. I need to look into that laundry detergent!

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    I try to purchase as much as possible from the bulk section of the grocery store to try to save packaging. I also use reusable grocey bags, and carry my trusty water bottle. We are really lucky becuase we have curb side recycling pickup in our town so it makes it easy as cake to recycle everything possible! ;)

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