holiday health: simplifying for stress free holidays

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Shopping for presents, hosting the perfect party, shoveling ridiculous amounts of snow, trying to maintain some sort of budget and fitting into your skinny jeans can all add up to a very stressful month. Over the years, as our celebrations started focusing more on the material aspects of the holidays instead of the actual meanings behind them, we coincidentally added more stress to them as well. Here are my tips for simplifying during this hectic time:

  • Eat the same! Obviously you’ll be indulging in extra eggnog and cookies, but keep the rest of your meals as usual as possible – don’t forget the veggies! They are often lacking this time of year!
  • Start a new simple family tradition like listening to holiday music while decorating or snowshoeing together!
  • Help out those in need.
  • Stay active! Walking the mall and shoveling snow all count towards movement!
  • Set a spending limit or draw names for family presents – this can ease the stress of shopping and over-spending!
  • Take some time for yourself! Whether it be getting a massage, going to yoga or taking a nap, be sure that you are giving yourself the time you need to feel your best.
  • Give away the cookies that you bake. I really enjoy baking (well I’m starting to) but the Taster doesn’t help me eat them and I certainly don’t need to eat an entire batch of cookies myself! Plus, it always feels good to give to others.
  • Stay healthy: drink water, wash hands, take vitamins, etc. – immune systems are often down and with increased stress, traveling and bad weather. (Take my advice, I’m just getting over a cold and it is no fun!)
  • Don’t schedule appointments for December. I know it might sound a little crazy, but if you have to get appointments in by the end of the year, don’t wait until December. It is just one more thing to do.
  • Simplify.

How do you keep stress at bay throughout the Holiday Season?


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    The holidays never seem that stressful for me, but then again, my family barely exchanges gifts, so I bet that helps! I also set myself aside an entire weekend to do my holiday baking — dedicating that time keeps the stress down, and I have so much fun! Let the flour fly!

  2. says

    ha! i thought that was a picture of you and the taster at first. :) this is such a wonderful post. i especially like the one about scheduling apts. especially since i was just scheming ways i could fit a few in next week!

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    Great tips! I needed to see this since going to see my family should be a joyous occasion but is very stressful. I always try to take some time out for myself, keep my normal sleep schedule in tact and workout.

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    Maintaining as normal a schedule as possible (eating, sleeping, exercising) helps me stay sane. However I think it’s just as important to be buoyant–to go with the flow and ENJOY the changes that the holidays bring. Only once a year do we get to eat a plethora of delicious food and spend hours surrounded by family and friends. Sure, we may gain a pound or two, and feel like we’re at the end of our rope with regards to family drama, but we’re also creating tons of happy memories (hopefully)! I try to remind myself of this whenever I begin to feel stressed. :-)

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