how to survive the chinese buffet

My home town (Baraboo, WI) recently got a new Chinese buffet. And it is kind of a big deal. We happened to be visiting the week it opened, and when it was up to my brother to decide where we would have lunch, naturally he chose the Chinese Buffet. I swear he does things like this just to drive me crazy. No matter how old we get, I’ll always have a little brother.

I’m not against Chinese buffets by any means, but a) I definitely don’t need to be “all-you-can-eating” (now a verb) and b) in past experiences, the quality just hasn’t ever been worth it to me. But I’m always down for anything, I was just hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone. (There’s just something about a Nutritionist at the Chinese Buffet…)

But you know how that goes in a small town, you always, and I mean always run into someone.

I left the buffet feeling fine and not overly full, in fact I made a great meal out of a plate of hibachi vegetables and a bunch of tastes of protein dishes. I’m sure I had an egg roll or noodles, but definitely didn’t over do it. Turns out it is possible to survive the Chinese buffet – here are my tips:


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    You are so fancy with your infographic! :) I went to a Chinese restaurant last weekend for a friend’s birthday (not even a buffet!) and we had all gained 5 pounds the next day, so I would also add to avoid the super high-sodium choices (like battered meats in soy sauce based sauces).

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    I’m not a huge fan of buffets, but definitely go to them on occasion. These are great tips! Another thing about Chinese buffets is that a lot of times they have fresh fruit, which is a great dessert!

    P.S. Love the infographic!

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    I think a lot of Asian cuisine is actually really healthy. The rice, the steamed veggies…as long as it’s not smother in sauce or deep fried I think it’s a pretty good choice! Of course the “eat in moderation” rule still applies!

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      Yes, the buffets make it really tough to eat in moderation – people want to get their money’s worth! I’m not even sure the one I visited had steamed veggies, but I did enjoy the hibachi ones. I think eating Chinese takeout is much easier to keep healthy, not as many temptations!

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    I’ve always wondered why people love Chinese buffets so much… they’re always packed! :) Great tips, and I LOVE the infograph!

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