in my cupboard: holiday tea

The Holiday decorations are up and I’m ready to celebrate! (My decorations are pretty sad – no tree, nothing over-the-top but enough to get me in the spirit!)

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas are the perfect way to celebrate the season without endless candy, cookies and treats! I love Candy Cane Lane – I bought so many boxes last year that I still have a few left and may be a tad burnt out on it. As of mid-November however I’ve gotten back on the Candy Cane train and am ready for the new season!

This year though, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is at the top of my list and just may be my new favorite. I’ve learned my lesson though, I’m going to try the Gingerbread and Nutcracker Sweet and rotate wisely so that I don’t get burnt out on the Holiday Spirit…

Do you have any tips for indulging during the Holidays without going over the top?

I try to choose wisely and indulge in the things that I can’t have the rest of the year – home-made cookies, etc. Candy is around year-round and is just not worth it!


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