in my cupboard: trader joe’s potstickers

Normal people probably think about fun weekend plans, exciting meals out, cocktails or just relaxing at home on Friday afternoons.

Apparently I’m not normal and I think about potstickers. Any variety. All I know is that I needed them that night. My life would simply not be complete without them. (This is why I spend so much on food! I get fixated on something and nothing else will do! Please send help!)

So I drove a little out of my way home, to make the stop…

 You see, Trader Joe’s has the best potstickers at the best value that I’ve seen.

So I disobey the suggested serving sizes and eat 2/3 of the bag for dinner. With chopsticks and a dipping sauce of soy + sriracha. Perfection.

Not perfection? The last two times I’ve made potstickers – this is the pan aftermath – help!

Impossible pans or not, I’m so glad it’s Friday. You?


  1. LAF says

    Agreed! TJ’s Potstickers are awesome. I think I have some in my freezer calling my name after seeing your post! Thanks!

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