in my cupboard: trader joe’s punjab eggplant

As much as I adore cooking, sometimes I just can’t take the time to prepare an entire meal. Since cooking is such a stress reliever for me, I never want it to actually cause stress.  Enter in these pouches of Indian food.  A little odd, yes, to make dinner out of a pouch, but this variety from Trader Joe’s is amazing. I generally sauté a diced eggplant and add the sauce when it is about finished cooking to let it heat through.

It comes together in minutes and provides a flavorful dish with plenty of veggies. Oh, and it is $1.19.

Cheap, healthy and good? Now that’s a stress reliever I can handle.

Do you ever eat foods from a pouch or does it kind of freak you out?


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    I can’t remember the name of the Indian food pouch I ate … it was maybe Tasty Bite? Anyways, definitely a little… weird! I love to eat Amy’s frozen entrees, like the Palak Paneer (my favorite!!!) but its stinkin expensive. Next time I’m at TJs I’m going to look for these.

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    I think the first time I ate tuna from a pouch I was a little skeptical.
    I made your summer couscous salad yesterday. Delicious! I forget to use couscous in salads so that got my imagination going.

    PS-would love to get together when I’m in MN. How does the weekend of the 18th look? maybe Sunday lunch?

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    I’ve had some of the tasty bite Indian varieties. I love the spicy chickpea one, but I forget the real name of it!

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    I don’t think I’ve really had much from a pouch . . . when I worked at Kitchen Window, though, we carried these AMAZING curry sauces that came in a pouch. They all had fish sauce in them, though, so even though I was happy tasting them, I never really purchased one.

    Truthfully, when I hit those times where I just can’t handle cooking, (maybe happens only once a month or so,) we either order Pizza Luce or head to Chipotle! :)

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    I like to make foods with fresh ingredients as much as possible, but sometimes that just does not happen and then boxed foods come in handy. Can’t remember if I ever had food out of a pouch before though!

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    Cheap AND delicious! I think there’s nothing wrong with pulling out the packaged food sometimes, especially with the quality stuff that Trader Joe’s makes. I’ve used tuna-in-a-pouch, and jarred curry sauce is one of my favorite addition for an easy meal :)