in my cupboard: wasa thin & crispy flatbread

I’ve been a fan of  Wasa crackers for a really long time, but it had been a while since I’d had them recently. When I saw that they had a new flatbread variety, I just had to return to my roots and give them a try! If it’s any indiation, they didn’t last long in our household, only a few days. I’d say we liked them. I might even love them.

Reasons to Love this Cracker:

  • thin and crisp!
  • low in calories (70 for 2 sheets)
  • made with whole grain flour
  • simple ingredients
  • no flavor

Now let me defend the no flavor comment. When I buy good, flavorful, aged cheeses I either eat it alone or with a water cracker – because plain water crackers are well…plain and they don’t have much flavor. I don’t want my $18.99/lb cheese to be covered up! And like water crackers, these provide a little crunch – and for many fewer calories.  I’d rather eat my calories in cheese. :)

My Cheese & Cracker Pairing Guidelines:

flavored triscuts + cheap, cheddar cheese

flat bread crackers/water crackers + expensive, flavorful cheese



  1. says

    I grew up on Wasa crackers because my mom is Scandinavian and they carry a sentimental value for her. When I was young, we’d get Wasa “sandwiches”–two crackers filled with soft cheese and turkey or peanut butter. However, since developing a wheat allergy, I haven’t been able to enjoy them. :-( I’m hoping they’ll come out with a GF variety soon!

  2. says

    i so agree with you! i could care less about the cracker or the chip. i keep them cheap so i can splurge on the yummy stuff to go on top.

  3. says

    I, too, have been eating Wasa crackers for a long time, but to find them I had to go to specialty stores up until a year ago…now they have them at the local grocery store…thank goodness! They are without much flavor, but you can always add a thing or two, such as your suggestions (YUM!) and make them flavorful!

  4. Daniel Lyman says

    Wasa’s Flatbread Rosemary crackers are terrific. One of the best crackers I have ever had. But they have been discontinued! Apparently, a delicious, healty, cracker has no commercial market. Can we talk Wasa into reintroducing this wonderful product?

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