in my cupboard: wholly guacamole packets

Have you ever tried slicing, using and preserving an avocado at your desk with a paper plate and mini knife? I’ll give you a hint – it is not fun. Its messy. Its brown. Its slippery. Its annoying.

But I love avocado and lately have been loving it on sandwiches so I vowed to find an easier way. Albiet a more expensive, less green way. But a way. In my perfect world I’d be home for lunch every day – able to make lovely creations on the spot and never using my desk as a kitchen counter again.

For now, I’ll use Wholly Guacamole packets. They are easy, convienent, don’t turn brown and require no knife!

Whats to Love:

  • simple ingredients: Hass Avocados, Jalapeno Puree (white vinegar, jalapeno peppers, salt) Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Granulated Garlic
  • single size 100 calorie portions (although my portions are typically two packs)
  • don’t spoil – you can also freeze them for later use!


How I use them:

  • on sandwiches (favorite lately is: sprouted bread + guac + cheddar +tomato + sprouts)
  • in wraps (favorite lately is: sprouted tortilla + guac + turkey + romaine)
  • dip for veggies or chips


Look down on these or love like me?


    • Emily says

      Claire, I usually pick them up at regular (conventional) grocery stores or Super Target…places like that!

    • Emily says

      Do you have a secret for taking and preserving the avocado? :) Maybe I’m just not doing it right…

      • says

        I’ve had good luck with cutting out the portion I want, then sprinkling lemon juice on the rest of the avocado and covering tightly with plastic wrap — you want plastic to touch all of the exposed avocado.

        I’ve also heard that you can freeze avocado slices and then thaw them out? I haven’t tried that though.

  1. says

    i’ve never tried the single serving packs but i wasn’t a big fan of the original. maybe because it just doesn’t compare to good homemade guac. however i’d try it on a sandwich! usually i just put the avocado on when i make the sandwich and then don’t look at it when i eat it. :) even though it’s brown it still tastes good!

  2. says

    art usually gets these when he does the grocery shopping. they are his late night snacks with tortilla chips so i’ve never actually tried them. i do hate how the unused portion of the avo gets brown. leaving the pit doesn’t seem to help either :(

  3. Jason says

    I just make a batch and put it in a ziplock bag, then snip the corner off. Just squeeze out what I want. And minimal brownage for leftovers if any.

  4. says

    Those packets sound pretty cool. I’ve never seen them before…You can pretty much ALWAYS find avocados at my house. One of my favorite things for b-fast (or lunch) is avocado toast. I take a slice of toasted bread, drizzle it w/ olive oil, top it with a few slices of avocado and sprinkle s & P on it. So easy and so good too!

  5. says

    I definitely like the idea for people on the go for sure…

    I have a hard time spending so much money for something I could make in the kitchen at work for MUCH LESS money…

    That being said, when I am in a situation that does not accommodate guac making, these babies would be fantastic! I’m sure we will get them in my city in about 30 years though….Gotta love Canada!

  6. says

    THat’s a great way to use those Wholly Guac packets -I’ve always been terrified of things that come in to go pouches (think Go-Gurt) but I’m obsessed with avocados and woul duse this!

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