in the news: zisboombah

A new website called zisboombah is essentially a computer game but instead of slaying vampires and running from werewolves, the object of the game is to pick out a healthy, well-rounded meal. This sounds like my kind of game!

Once they’ve come up with a healthy meal, the kids can send it directly to their parents and voila, dinner is served. If only it were that simple, right? ;)

Go play or send it to the kids you know, I promise it’s fun!

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    cool! i am dorkily very excited about this. the kids got me hooked last winter on balloon tower defense 3 which is a game where you control a monkey who throws darts at balloons. this site sound way more useful :)

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    This is so cool! What a great concept to get kids to actually think about what they are eating, in a fun way of course!

    I’m going to pass this on to my husband to see if he can pick out a healthy meal:) I actually need help with this too.

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