lately i’ve been…(iv)

in a major cooking slump. Seriously. Please send help!

hanging out with these two.

eating delicious seafood from Santa Monica Seafood.

making a ridiculous purchase (Star Homes Map). It had to be done, but is SO not worth the money.

drooling over this recipe for french onion soup tartines from vegetarian times. Need to make it asap.


getting more into raw foods again.

and then filling my belly with Indian food.

exploring San Diego a bit on a work trip. Must take road trip here soon!

Lately you’ve been…

Happy Weekend! 


  1. says

    The good thing about raw foods is that they don’t require cooking, so #1 on your list isn’t an issue. :)

    How did your friend’s little one do with the time change?

    Lately I’ve been in a letter and card writing mood. I’ve used more stamps this week than I have in months.

  2. says

    girl, i hear you on the cooking slump. i haven’t posted a recipe on my blog in at least a month! thank goodness my mojo came back to me in my csa box this week! i have two new recipes to post already! :)

    lately i’ve been writing. and writing. and writing. my dissertation is going to suck the life out of me.

  3. says

    I haven’t been cooking in…months, I think. Unless you count fried eggs.
    Lately I’ve been…feeling pretty damn poor, esp. now that I’m in NYC.

  4. says

    I love San Diego! Not only because my nieces live there (big bonus), but also because it’s so beautiful. Hope you had an amazing time. The French onion soup tartines look AMAZING. Lately I’ve been soaking up the San Diego-ish weather in Chicago before the humidity sets in for the summer. Loving all the time spent outdoors!

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