lately i’ve been… (vi)

eating tons of melon (they are the perfect post-sweaty workout)

attending really fun pool parties and meeting new people

going to our first Dodger game!

adding this vietnamese noodle salad to my list of things to eat

working out with Jackie Warner. Oy. (Couldn’t move the next day)

hunting down Copper River Salmon

making smoothies – we finally got a blender! (The Ninja – so far I like)

going on a taco crawl! 5 taco joints around Los Feliz and Boyle Heights.

(waiting for our first tacos)

eating this kale, bacon & mushroom salad

finally reading Nickel & Dimed (yes, 10 years behind) – what an eye-opening book, I definitely recommend reading it.

Lately you’ve been…

Happy Weekend!  


  1. says

    Jackie Warner in real life?? I would love to workout with her!

    A taco crawl sounds like heaven, especially if a margarita or two is involved. But not 5. I would be literally crawling. :)

    How does the pool party thing work?

  2. Emily says

    I miss her show too! She was pretty tough, but I think she would be even tougher one-on-one.

  3. Emily says

    Keep your eye out, she is going on a national tour with evian. I get a ton of “LA Stuff” emails and that is how I found out about it!
    The taco crawl contained no alcohol! We were wishing for a beer, but they were all little huts/stands/trucks.
    Pool party was just at a friends house. :)

  4. says

    Yum Boyle Heights! If you are ever in that area and craving tamales, go to Liliana’s. The elote tamale is amazing!

  5. says

    I need to be invited to a pool party soon. :) At least I have the beach in the meantime! I’m going to a Brad Paisley concert this weekend at Wrigley- I’m so excited it’s not even funny.

  6. says

    Nickel and Dimed is great! I also love my ninja blender but I accidentally blended up a spoon in there and it’s been working kinda crappy since then. Dont’ put a spoon in yours!

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