lately i’ve been…(viii)

playing tennis

hanging out (ok, walking by) the 90210 beach house

having absolutely perfect weekends (hiking, tennis, relaxation, pool)

attending a super fun wedding downtown LA

having Minnesota friends around for a few days

laying out at the beach

adjusting very nicely to my new job

celebrating the 4th of July with classic BBQ food: brats, potato salad and baked beans :)

finally attending a wine tasting at Silverlake Wine

getting ready to take part in a SNAP Challenge (eating on a food stamp budget for 1 week) – anyone want to join?

Lately you’ve been…



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    Ooh, that’s quite the interesting challenge. I may get in on that! I usually spend $150 a month as my grocery budget, so that would be about $37.50 – not TOO far over the food stamp budget….it would be interesting to see if I could trim that down a little further for the week!

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        The thing that really helps me cut my budget is produce stores and farmer’s markets. I kid you not, there’s a produce store by me where I literally can’t walk out paying more than $20 no matter how many fruits and veggies I put into my cart. I’m talking 99 cent peppers, 2/$1 artichokes and organic peaches for $1.50 a pound. Just gotta find one for you out in Ca.!

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    I really want to do a week long series on all the meals I eat during the SNAP challenge. Unfortunately, next week is Restaurant week so that will blow my $31 in a meal. Maybe I’ll try it the following week to give my wallet a break. Excited to see what you come up with and how it goes!

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    I would actually like to do this, and would be interested in writing about the results. It’s a very curious experiment. Are there any “official” rules besides the budget?

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