lately i’ve been…(x)

moving. Just to a different (and better) unit in our building, so not terrible but still a pain. I want to buy a house.

drinking a glass of warm lemon water each morning. Read more about this Aruvedyic practice on my learnist board.

pre-ordering Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book, It’s All Good – can’t wait for this one.

visiting our family and friends in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We met 4 babies, saw 3 little ones, and a whole lot of friends. It was non-stop!

spending my thirtieth birthday with a wellness shot (lemon, ginger, oil of oregano, garlic extract and cayenne), green juice and a bowl of pho. (We both caught colds on our trip.)

running. And dare I say kind of enjoying it?! Getting ready for 8 miles this weekend!

picking up a bad shellac manicure habit. But it’s so nice to not have to paint my nails all the time…

celebrating my birthday for real at AOC with Richie and then at the horse track with my cousins – so fun! (AOC had a focaccia topped with young broccoli, cipollinis, burrata and bagna cauda that was RIDICULOUS. I can’t stop thinking about it.)

really needing some yoga in my life. Please motivate me.

What’s going on with you? 



  1. Mary Speidel says

    Lately…I’ve been running too and loving it as well. Training for the Minneapolis half and have an 8 miler this weekend as well. Bet your running route is prettier than mine but I must say the Chain of Lakes are inspiring this time of year. what’s your running motivation, are you training for something as well?

    • says

      I actually really miss running around the lakes and the river! One of these days I’m going to do my longer run at the beach, but I’ve been running through Beverly Hills, which is also really pleasant. :) I’m doing a half-marathon next month! We must be on the same schedule.

    • says

      Thank you Kelly Jo!
      I picked the pho up from a restaurant but I have made it once, link to the recipe is in this post:
      I will say that for the time and money I spent making it, I could have gotten it from a restaurant and it would have tasted better for a fraction of the price…something to think about! If you don’t have a restaurant available, it was kind of fun to make. I’ve also seen pho broth at Whole Foods in the soup section which would make the process a whole lot easier but I’m not sure how it tastes!

  2. says

    First of all, that focaccia pizza looks insane. Looks like a great birthday dinner, and HAPPY BELATED BDAY, btw! :) Also, I have been pushing oil of oregano on my friends for years. They think I’m crazy but I swear that stuff works on everything! (remember the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his Windex? Yeah, that’s me with oregano oil.)

  3. says

    Love your family picture! Your recent activities sound very fun! Didn’t you love the horse track?! I hope to get to Canterbury more this summer. Thank you for the reminder about lemon water too. I’m not going to be running any marthon soon but I do look forward to it reaching 50 degrees and taking long walks again! Is it too soon to ask when you are coming back to Mpls!? Mark it down, I will be in CA in 2014 though!

  4. says

    It was so great to see you when you made your trek to the midwest! I was so interested to read the reasons behind the lemon water each morning and I have to say that most of it sounds like great benefits! I had to laugh at the dental section because I don’t know who came up with that part! It could not be further from the truth! Oh the things you can find on the internet…..

  5. says

    Yeah to running and enjoying it! I’m planning on 9 for Saturday morning. And yes get your booty into yoga ASAP. It will be so beneficial for your running + all the other amazing benefits. Let me know when you sign up. That pizza looks redunkulous and happy birthday! XOXO

  6. Kristin says

    Emily, I didn’t know it was the big 3-0! You’re looking great! It was great to see you while you we’re back. That pizza looks delicious!

  7. says

    First of all happy birthday!!!
    Secondly, I have to try this hot lemon water in the morning – I keep hearing about it lately all the time…

  8. says

    Ugh moving is the worst! We are starting to think about moving into a house and I am already dreading the packing and moving situation! Happy belated birthday!!

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