lately i’ve been…(x)

wandering the farmers market with Lynn (The Actors Diet)

getting obsessed with Babycakes again…tempted to get the cookbook again

watching fat, sick and nearly dead – have you seen it? Thoughts?

attending the premiere of The Watch (SO fun!)

loving the oscars outdoors – an outdoor movie theatre at the academy. In true LA fashion, the director and composer introduced the film. And a vampire from True Blood was in attendance…. :)

having brunch at larchmont bungalow. (rather disappointing unfortunately!)

watching a little bit of the Olympics.

finishing up my first newsletter at work!

spending time at the pool

Lately you’ve been…


  1. says

    We just watched Fat sick and nearly dead, very interesting. While I know fasting isn’t for me I do like juicing. We just got one and I made my first juice last night, I loved it and Scott hated it.

  2. says

    I love farmer’s market roaming time! Lately, I’ve been trying to keep up with running in this KY heat (while also complaining about it) while simultaneous enjoying what the heat brings through the garden. Lots of evenings of canning and cooking so it doesn’t go to waste. And I did The Color Run last weekend. So much fun!

  3. says

    I’ve never experienced Baby Cakes.

    Yes – lots of Olympics. It’s fun seeing the kids get into it, although I’ve had to explain that the other countries aren’t ‘bad guys’ trying to beat our ‘good guys.’

    I’m hoping to get a new juicer for my upcoming birthday. My Breville is biting the dust quickly.

    • Emily says

      Yes, our building has a pool. (really lucky) We’ve had one the last few years but this is the first summer that I’ve been able to enjoy it more than a few times!

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