lately i’ve been… (xi)

reading The Girls Guide to Homelessness. Really good.

finally hiking up to the Hollywood sign!

eating out like 10 meals in a row. BAD!

walking home from work in flats. I made it about 3.25 miles and then I had to call Richie to pick me up.

getting into my annual spring/summer raw food grove with dinner at Cafe Gratitude with my fave LA Blogger, Lynn.

creating really fun infographics at work.

taking a road trip to Vegas. One of the joys of LA is the endless amounts of road trips. We used to drive 4 hours to Wisconsin. Now we have our pick of Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Palm Springs, Big Bear…ok, I’ll stop bragging.

reading Unorthodox. Also very good.

attending my first Social Media Club LA function.

spending the weekend in Napa for a Science and Culinary Retreat: Plant-Powered Eating: The Role of Peanuts in Healthy Diets, put on by The Peanut Institute. It also meant I got to spend the weekend hanging out with Mercedes and finally meet Lori! You can expect many peanuts in your future. :)

my Napa trip included cooking at the Culinary Institute of America (squeel!) AND meeting some really great people. Like Alyssa. <– Really fun blog.

trying out Bludso’s (BBQ joint in LA) – it was wonderful.

trying out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout. Have you heard about it? I tried it on Saturday (2 times through) and am still sore. 

eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for breakfast – OBSESSED! (see peanuts, above)

 What’s going on with you? 


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    I want to hear more about the 7-minute workout! Is there a function on your iPhone that allowed easy timing of the intervals? Did you rest in between exercises? Was it hard to keep track of what to do next?? Isn’t Alyssa’s blog so fun to read?? Lots of questions from me!! :)

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    Aw, thanks for the mention! It was SO fun meeting you ladies–I certainly hope it won’t be the last time! Also, I’m pretty jelly of your hike…I’ve never seen the Hollywood sign up close, I feel like it’d be so cool!

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    3.25 BEFORE you called Richie? Dang girl, I wouldn’t have made it half as far! :) I’m totally jealous of your ability to road trip to cool places now. I mean…we have the dunes here…that’s cool…right?

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    That looks like it was one good hike! It’s too bad they don’t allow you to get any closer to the sign.

    Plant-powered eating sounds so intriguing. I think a lot of us are eating way too many processed foods, so it’d be interesting if you could share what you learnt at your retreat!

    You are so lucky to live in such close proximity to so many different destinations!

    If I had to move to the States, I would definitely want to be in California.

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    Wow…I just read the summary of ‘The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness,’ and it sounds intense. I see it didn’t get very positive reviews, though.

    I’ve been making my way through the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, lately.

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      Would you recommend the Game of Thrones? It is a TV show, right?

      I do agree with some of the reviews, she definitely did make some decisions that I wish she hadn’t…but sometimes that is life. I’m pretty much obsessed with memoirs right now too so that doesn’t hurt. :)

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    both of those books sound really interesting. added them to my goodreads shelf. also, 3.25 miles walking?!? whoa. i can easily run that (and more) but i’m a wimp when it comes to long walks during the workday! haha.

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    Love that picture of the Hollywood sign from the back! I’ve so been there with the walk in flats, especially when we lived in Chicago. And you know I’m 100% in agreement on road trips, having lived hours away from Wisconsin and now living near most of the places on your list, too! Last but not least, I could really go for some peanuts.

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    Looks like so much fun lately! LOVE the Hollywood sign pic! And, thanks for the book recommendations… adding both to my reading list.

    I’ve been obsessed with PB+J for breakfast, too…!

    Happy weekend :)

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    Read with great interest about the 7 Minute workout. Seems to be pretty viable for a lot of people who can’t/won’t put the time aside for a longer workout.
    I saw a TV program on the BBC that seems to verify the usefulness of short high intensity workouts above what is universally accepted by the mainstream gym fraternity.
    The program was called the The Truth About Exercise and i’m sure clips can be found on you tube.
    Love the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

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