lately i’ve been (xii)

sailing in San Diego. Can I live on a boat?

checking out some live music (in 90* heat) in Pasadena for a Music Festival – we saw Yacht (they opened for Postal Service at the show in Vegas but we missed them) and Robert DeLong.

loving working happy hours at Malibu Fish & Grill.

so ridiculously obsessed with our newish nutri bullet. Have you watched the infomercial? Yes, I will admit to being a bit of an infomercial-addict but this blender is pretty great. We’ve been having green “juices” (with all the fiber) every morning.

working on this learnist board:

loving this simple breakfast: greek yogurt (preferably banana chobani) + drizzle of peanut butter

learning that all you need for a solo weekend is a wedge of brie, a few ounces of prosciutto, a bottle (or more?!) of wine and some trashy tv. (Magic Mike anyone?)

the best girls nights end with cupcakes.

trying out lobster rolls from Cousins Maine Lobster truck. And lobster ice cream! (The lobster roll was amazing, the ice cream I wouldn’t get again.)

getting two full boxes of amazing books from a friend. Must get reading!

having three picnics in three days when a friend was in town. I’m close to picnic-pro.

getting my fall newsletter to the printer at work – such a good feeling!

and finally, ordering barre3‘s ’28 to great’ workout bundle. They let me try the online workouts and I’ve enjoyed them so much I thought it would be worth buying the dvd’s – want to win a bundle for yourself?

 Winner will be chosen on Saturday, enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Anna Johnson says

    Do you have an eyelash picture?! I’d love to try sailing! A few summers ago I tried a barre class – great workout but you know my thoughts on exercising. :) Sounds like a pretty amazing summer you are having!

    • Emily says

      Ha! These are nice because you can choose the length of the workouts! And if you are liking Tracy Anderson…you might just like them!
      I’ll send a picture….I am horrible at taking selfies/closeups… :)

  2. says

    I am happy to see that it looks like you have been having a great summer! I have always wanted to try a barre workout so I would love to win this!

  3. Emily says

    It wasn’t the flavor of the lobster ice cream, but the texture that I didn’t like. The chunks of lobster were so frozen, they felt icy. I think if the chunks would have been sprinkled on top right before serving I would have liked it better. Otherwise it just tasted like vanilla. :)

  4. Paige says

    I’ve been eyeballing the Barre3 workouts so I am super excited about this giveaway! I hope I win – and if not, I’ll probably be checking it out anyway. :)

    • Emily says

      You should! I tried (2-3) workouts online and really liked them, so since this was such a good deal I decided to just buy it! You can go on their site and pay $15 per month for quite a few workouts to see what you think!

  5. Lori says

    I must have a lobster roll. I’ve yet to have the opportunity. That workout package looks so great. I entered!

  6. says

    Can’t think of anything i’d like more at the moment than sailing and eating lobster!
    Would love to try out the Barre3

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