lately i’ve been…(xii)

It has been a long time (2 months!) since my last lately i’ve been… post. So we have a lot to catch up on. I’ve been…

buying spin shoes. It only took me oh, 7 months of consistent spinning to finally do it and they make such a wonderful difference. They are also ugly.

 watching the debates! You?

tasting California Cabernet at Silverlake Wine. I love their low-key wine tastings (every Monday and Thursday) and considering that Cabernet is my favorite varietal, and I’m a resident of California – I kind of had to go.

following wine tastings with an amazing dinner of cheap Mexican food and finally trying papusas. In my dream life, every Monday and Thursday I would go to Silverlake Wine for tastings and then to Maya’s for cheap Mexican food.

extra busy at work. It is a good kind of busy and exciting!

having so much fun with newish site! It is a way to share what you know and learn what you don’t! I’ve been busy building boards related to health/nutrition/food and I’ve been loving learning about more about politics, education (and how the internet shapes classrooms) and the latest in technology.

celebrating Richie’s Birthday (today!) with beer-braised short ribs + bacon & smoked gouda mashed potatoes last weekend and tonight with dinner out!

working on a new look for – coming soon!

What have you been up to lately? Fill me in! 


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    Okay -first – is that a heart shaped enameled pan? If so, how can I get one???

    My gym just started offering RPM classes and I’m going to try it out next week. Maybe if I become a loyal attender, I’ll join you in the ugly shoes club.

    I’ll also join you in a perfect world of wine and cheap mexican food. Yes please.

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    I love these posts, Emily :)

    Yeah, cycling shoes aren’t exactly the cutest… though, Pearl Izumi does make some sweet tri shoes (lime green and purple!). If I do CPY real ryder this winter, I need to get a pair. looks like a cool site… can’t wait to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

    That birthday dinner?! Whoa. Yum. And, happy birthday, Richie! :)

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    I really need to try spin again, I’ve only gone 2 times and just don’t know if I like it or not. I think I would!

    I am having a stressful and insane day at work and needed to think about that great wine. Must have some tonight!

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    those tacos look ah’may’zinggggggggg!!! we have very few spots in richmond that serve fresh mexican like that, all the places like to slop a bunch of weird sauces and drown everything in cheese and make it all “americanized” and that is just not Mexican to me haha! now fresh avocado on corn tortillas, THAT is!

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    Wow, those tacos make me want to climb into my computer! Fantastic picture and they look scrumptious. We drink merlot frquently with our Mexican food, which seemed strange, but it actually is great!

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    I need to get back into spinning. I really miss it! I’ve never had shoes though. Do they clip to the pedals or do you have to take those off? Happy Belated Birthday to Richie!

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