lately i’ve been…xviii

(Oh, hello! It’s been a while. I hate going this long without blogging, but sometimes life gets in the way.)

photo 3

working on the Thailand post. All blogging was put on hold for a while, but I’m trying to gather my thoughts. If there is anything in particular you’re curious about, let me know!

reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right HookThe Husband’s SecretIs Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?Crunch Time (part of a food/murder mystery series), Crazy Sexy Diet, and The Kind Diet. (affiliate links!)

crafting!!! Not really, but making my own food photography backgrounds. Or attempting is probably a better word.

photo 1

doing lots of fun research: chilaquiles!

working on some backend blog stuff. My site should be faster for you all now, and I apologize that it has been so slow lately. Ugh.

photo 2

eating at PettyCash Taqueria. It’s a beautiful space with creative nachos: pig ear and a vegetarian crispy kale and cauliflower. So it means we’ve been there twice already and have tried both nacho varieties.

stitch fix

trying out stitch fix. (affiliate link!) I’ve always been curious about this “online personal styling service” and since I’ve been seriously hating everything in my closet, it was time to try it out! I’ve only gotten one “fix” so far but was pleasantly surprised. A lot of the things I’ve seen in reviews aren’t my style so I honestly wasn’t expecting much. I ended up keeping one sweater (that I love) and would have kept a few other items but they didn’t fit right/were a little too much money. Getting surprise clothes in the mail is amazing. :)

social media, social media, social media! I put together a presentation for work and then did a slew of boards on social media for business. It was really fun.

lately i've been... | A Nutritionist Eats

having some of our best friends in town (+ godson) for a long weekend full of LA activities, lots of food and many hours staring (and smiling) at the baby.  

so excited to have no plans this weekend and get back into the kitchen!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. says

    Can’t wait to hear about your Thailand trip! I feel the same way about Stitch Fix – I usually end up keeping one or two pieces I like but I’ve found that some of the stuff doesn’t fit the best or is too $$$ for what you get.

  2. says

    Thailand looks wonderful – makes me want to schedule another trip. I just heard of stitch fix from one of my friends – sounds like an interesting service.

    • Emily says

      Ha! I’ve been complaining about the heat – it’s always something, right? I really liked the Kind Diet, the recipes all sound so great and I really appreciate that she focuses on foods that are vegan, instead of relying on vegan meat/dairy substitutes. And I just love her. :) If you have any recipe recommendations, let me know! I haven’t tried anything yet.

  3. says

    Cannot wait to hear more about Thailand… and, then try talk Nick into going there :) I go back and forth about stitch fix! I’m so picky when it comes to my clothes, so not sure how I feel about someone else picking them out for me!

  4. Christy says

    Any good books you’d recommend? I have read The Husband’s Secret but I’m looking for a few good reads for a long weekend in Arizona :) I still can’t wait to read about/see more pics from Thailand!

    • Emily says

      Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was amazing. Beautiful Ruins, Gone Girl (or if you liked that Sharp Objects or Dark Places also by Gillian Flynn), Orange is the New Black, The Tao of Martha are also good ones that I’ve read recently.

      Have fun in Arizona! Last trip for a bit? :)

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