lately i’ve been…


1. eating korean bbq. We went out for my birthday to Ham Ji Park in Koreatown and ate pork ribs and pork neck & potato stew. Oh and because we were deficient on pork, we also had pork belly. Did I tell you I’m now obsessed?!

2. yoga-ing and spin-ing a lot! It feels great.

3. reading Tasty Food Photography, written by my blog friend Lindsay. It is wonderful and I recommend it!

4. not been watching The Hunger Games – I think I’m the only one?

5. eating dessert. A funfetti cupcake from Crumbs (along with 4 other mini cupcakes) to celebrate 29 – funfetti was amazing. Want more sugarrrrrr.

6. oogling this recipe for champagne + lemon sorbet + mint cocktail I found on pinterest.

7. been loving the life advice from you all.

What have you been doing lately??




  1. says

    finalllyyyyyyyyy someone else who isnt in a hunger games hysteria!! you aren’t the only one who isn’t seeing that movie either :) maybe when its on dvd, who knows. p.s. i WANT that yummy cupcake for breakfast today haha, it looks scrumptious!

    • Emily says

      SO good! I loved it with a little kimchee and the dipping “sauce” which we thought was sesame oil + s & p??

      • Sarah says

        yes, so simple and so tasty! we had that along with a soy paste that was seasoned with something… I want to go back immediately!

  2. mary beth says

    i think we should add korean bbq to our la eat list! i’ve also been yoga-ing and spin-ing. oh and vodka tonics! :)

  3. says

    I love Korean barbeque! The last time I went was… at the beginning of last summer with a group of friends after they went to the beach. Ughh, everyone is obsessed with The Hunger Games, it’s getting kind of ridiculous. You’re not the only one who hasn’t seen the movie.

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