lately i’ve been…xvii

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attending the Torrey Pines Golf Tournament in San Diego.

reading: Americanah – so good! Then I have no less than a million books already downloaded to read next. By the way, have you used AmazonSmile? You can designate your favorite charity and then 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice. (I obviously chose MAZON!)

alma restaurant

celebrating Valentine’s Day early at Alma, the 2013 Best New Restaurant by Bon Appétit. (Shown above: homemade english muffin + buratta + uni + caviar) 

house of cards. still obsessed.

making these amazing almond flour muffins from elana’s pantry. I eat them in the morning with my smoothie/juice!

Lately I've Been... | A Nutritionist Eats

spending a glorious week in Mexico. Lazy, beach vacations are the best, especially when they involve family. (post coming soon on Sayulita!)

Lately I've Been... | A Nutritionist Eats

making fresh ceviche in Mexico. I worried a few times about the fish not being kept cold enough, the little friend who was stabbing the fish with a stick, and keeping it in the fridge for a day. But my brother quickly shut me down, reminding me that I’ve never had fish that fresh. Ok then.

not attending Expo West this year. It’s the first year in seven that I haven’t attended and I’m kind of depressed about it/I feel really out of the loop.

starting to kind of run again. By kind of I mean, walking for a while and running for a while. I don’t hate it.

Lately I've Been... | A Nutritionist Eats

still eating my favorite lunch on a weekly basis: qrunch burger + goat cheese + avocado + some turkey slices with more avocado + carrots. It’s satisfying, delicious and requires NO prep.

using four elements golden crown botanical elixir – for mature skin. Because as you know, I’m freaking out about wrinkles. I’ve also started getting serious about using products that are as natural as possible. This line is as good as it gets and I love supporting businesses that I know and believe in (everything is made in my home town).

testing out a ton of new recipes (a lot of them were inspired by our Mexico trip and many will be coming soon!).  

What have you been up to lately?


  1. says

    Life looks pretty spectacular for you lately, friend! :) I really want to attend Expo West sometime — maybe if you go next yearI will try and make it, too!

  2. says

    1. You have been up to so many fun things lately! Good for you!
    2. Speaking of books, you must read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, it’s the BEST book I’ve read in a long time- the kind where you can’t put it down and are dying to know what happens, but you don’t want it to be over at the same time!
    3. How fun to make your own ceviche! Ceviche is by far one of my favorite vacation eats.
    4. I must try Qrunch burgers! Whole foods?
    5. Your family is the cutest.
    6. I got your call when I was on a work trip in San Antonio and my family is here this weekend so can we finally catch up next week?!

    • Emily says

      I love this comment!!
      I just downloaded Me Before You, I love those kinds of books! Qrunch burgers should definitely be at Whole Foods, but maybe even Lunds (in the freezer!). Yes to catching up (sorry for the longggggggg voicemail!) :)

  3. says

    I just finished Fangirl (LOVED IT) and am reading the Silent Wife right now. That and listening to the audio book of Peter Pan with the kids, so I have all kinds of stories to keep straight in my head. :)

    I look forward to reading about your trip. I haven’t been to a tropical destination in far too long. You guys look great and happy.

    Ah yes – looking for miracle skin products. I just picked up a new eye cream at Sephora yesterday. Let me know if you have good luck with the four elements product. My ‘aging skin’ is very frustrating.

  4. says

    Cannot wait to see the recipes inspired my Mexico! Most of March has been a (wonderful) blur. A week in Antigua doing nothing, but reading novels followed by a week hosting my nephew on his first visit to California.

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