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Hi Friends!

You probably haven’t noticed, but…

This thing called life keeps getting in the way of my usual 4 posts per week schedule. As much as I wish this blog were a full-time job – or even a part-time job, it is a hobby and so as other priorities come into my life, this sometimes takes the back seat.


I have to admit that taking a step back from the online world has been good for me. I’ve been out getting to know new friends, visiting with my family here in California, going on job interviews and working with two great companies!  Three of my best friends also visited within a three-week span. Obviously my focus was not on the internet – it was all about cherishing my time with them. And then consequently, the home-sick feelings that would arise after each of their departures.

I know that no one is frantically wondering why I haven’t been posting but I wanted to let you know that as my blog continues to grow and evolve, I’ve put more of a priority on quality content instead of a certain number of postings per week. So though you may hear from me less at times, I hope that you still feel A Nutritionist Eats is still worth reading! Thanks for sticking around. :)

How do you balance real life and the internet world?! I’m starting to feel more of a balance as I’ve stepped back, but I could probably still do better. 


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    amen! i’ve done the same…and it feels good.

    life is too short.

    eat the cake. don’t blog. and good luck with all the interviews!!!

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    We are moving to LA from Minneapolis this summer. I would love to meet you for coffee sometime! @crazy4kale. So glad you are loving LA. I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging for a while. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. (When you are ready)

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    Good for you for taking a break from the online world! It’s so good and refreshing to occasionally step back and enjoy life sans laptop/iPhone/technology. Sounds like you have been! :)

    I’ve been meaning to implement a one-day-a-week ban on all social media… thinking Sundays!

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    I’m glad you’re not chaining yourself to your computer and getting out there and enjoying your new city! I think it’s the nature of one’s involvement/investment any hobby to have ebbs and flows, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I love reading your posts, though, and have every intention of reading as long as you’re still posting!

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    Always love reading your blog Emily, regardless of how often you post :) Good for you for taking a step back…I often toy with doing the same! Perhaps I will take the plunge…best of luck with your jobs!

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    I am totally, 100% pro quality over quantity. How do I balance real life and the internet world? I never, ever feel guilty for “neglecting” my blog — I blog for myself, and I’m so delighted that I have made so many connections through it! An added bonus.

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    So I just started blogging and already needed to give myself a ‘time out’ as I just got overwhelmed and was not putting up quality posts and also neglecting some people (yes, Brian)! I’m still trying to balance everything but I think I always will be. My recent balance is what I’m doing now…. sitting outside on the patio with husband and dog, with computer and wine. I’d say I’m hitting a lot of great things! :) You’ll figure everything out, I have no doubt! Please keep posting….I’ll read as they come!

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    I totally support your quality over quanity blogging attitude! Like you, I am a hobby blogger and I actually am happy that I have a full time job that I love. That being said, I definitely wish some days that I had more time to post and other days I want nothing to do with it (and just want to get out there and live my life). This balance isn’t easy, but keeping everything in perspective helps for sure. I blog because I like it, it’s fun, and makes me happy! If there is a day where this isn’t the case, then I don’t do it. If I am too tired to check email, then I do it the next day. Keep the quality posts coming and continue to stay true to yourself! And enjoying life in Cali!

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    I’ve been finding it harder to find time to post the usual as well – especially since I don’t seem to be cooking as much as I used to with everything going on! Sometimes it’s nice to take a lil’ break from all that is online though – and necessary ;) Definitely agree with the quality over quantity idea too, I think that’s a great approach :)

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    Live your life! When the blog starts to feel like an obligation, I pull back. I remind myself that it’s a hobby (not a job) and hobbies are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. There is enough unpleasantness in life that is unavoidable and I don’t want to create unnecessary stress and worry over something that I started doing for pleasure.

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    i have a hard time balancing my blog & my other priorities too. i have to remind myself that this is for FUN and that i shouldn’t stress about it!

    i’ve definitely been devoting more time to other offline priorities lately – but i think that has helped my blogging habits. now i blog with purpose & when i’ve got something to say (and time to say it!). :)

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