lost my cooking mojo


I’m not sure what the cause is, but I’ve kind of lost my cooking mojo.

I’ll blame it on the lack of natural light.

I’ll blame it on my hectic life – full time job, part time job, hobby, and planning a wedding.

I’ll blame it on the winter. It really makes going outside for pictures difficult. (2° F this morning!!)

I’ll blame it on my love of Punch Pizza take-out.

I’ll blame it on the lack of time for the Food Network.

But whatever the excuse, all I know is that I want it back. :(

The Taster and I are headed to Chicago today for a weekend full of family, a musical, some shopping and lots of food – I think it will be just the weekend I need!

I’ll see you on Monday – with my apron on. :)

Look for my last 2010 gift guide – homemade food gifts – tomorrow!


    • Emily says

      Yes! The Tasters sister and bro-in-law live there and we have many reservations at fun places!! (Of course can’t think of them now!) Where do you live in Chicago?!

  1. says

    It sounds like you have a lot going on, but you will get your mojo back. Sometimes our priorities have to change, but the things we love most always ground us and bring us back to what is important. Good Luck!

  2. says

    Right there with you sister. I don’t know what it is but I just have not been in the mood to cook for me lately. I seriously need to sit down, go through my recipes and cook up a storm.

    Have a fabulous time in Chicago!

  3. says

    amen sister. for all of the above reasons – minus the whole wedding thing. i am seriously just chalking up these next two weeks to eating out, not exercising and having a whole lotta fun drinking. i mean, hanging with friends and family…

  4. says

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