lululemon {giveaway!}

In the past 9 months or so, I’ve become fully obsessed with lululemon. Please tell me you are familiar with Lululemon!

They only have the cutest, most functional, highly flattering workout clothes (and much more) out there. They are definitely on the expensive side and every time I visit their store or website, I want something! So today, because I’m feeling a little generous and I love you all, I wanted to give one of you a lululemon gift card! So that you can yoga, run and move in style :)


$50 gift card sent anywhere in the US

I will choose the winner via random number on Sunday July 24th, 5:00 CST

Mandatory Comment: Tell me what is making you smile today!

Additional Comments:

– Tweet about the giveaway, including @nutritionisteat and comment letting me know you did so

– Like me on facebook and comment letting me know you did so (or if you are already a fan)



Edited to add Winner:

Congratulations #97, Kristin!

Kristin July 20, 2011 at 2:14 pm [edit]

I would love something new from LuLulemon!
Today I am smiling because I saw my friend and her newborn baby. There is nothing better thank holding a new baby, their sweet smell, and the little coos. To see my friend so happy with her new daughter is a true blessing!



  1. says

    I’ve actually never been to lululemon – but I keep seeing people at the gym with cool looking workout gear and it inevitably has the lululemon lego. I just went to the website and it turns out there is a store pretty nearby. I’ll have to check it out soon.

  2. Julia says

    I love this! There have always been a million things I’ve wanted from lululemon but could never afford any. There have been a few things that made me smile today: my sore legs from last night’s workout, the sun shining, a new smoothie creation, and listening to my favorite band – the Avett Brothers on the way to work.

  3. says

    I am healthy and got a full night of sleep last night – and I’m looking forward to a great spin class after work! That’s why I’m smiling. And because of the possibility of winning a lululemon giftcard! :) :) Libby

  4. says

    Oooo! Lululemon. Yes, please! ;)

    What is making me smile?! The fact that today is HUMP DAY. Half way through the freaking week. Huzzah! I only have to wait 2 more weeks until vacation! Hump day is getting me through it.

    Love me some hump day ;)

  5. Deana Healy says

    Making me smile – that the heat will break soon, and going to yoga tomorrow night! Love lululemon!

  6. says

    What a fun giveaway. I am a tiny bit obsessed with Lulu as well, although I don’t have too many of their pieces because they’re so darn pricey.

    My boyfriend made me smile today!!

  7. says

    I’m lululemon obsessed too!!!

    First thing that made me smile: opening my fridge to see a Starbucks so iced coffee already waiting! Venti, please :)

  8. Samantha C says

    Canadian Resident, so I cannot enter…but I can say that I simply adore Lululemon – to the extent my husband and I now have special ‘Lululemon loads of laundry’ : )

  9. Sis says

    You make me smile, Emme! How are you rocking this blog while planning a wedding and working two jobs (with camp)??? Miss you!

  10. Anne F says

    I woke up early, got a work out in before it got TOO hot. Once I make it through work I have the whole evening to do whatever I want! That makes me smile:)

  11. Randi says

    My daughter and my dog Dex… my dog can smile so anytime I see him and he starts smiling, it is an instant smile back!

  12. Emily says

    My 3 year old is loving his swimming lessons which is making me smile today and my 1 year old learning the word ipad and saying it over and over makes me laugh and smile too.

  13. erin says

    Two things are making me smile this week: My successful thesis defense yesterday (hello, master’s degree!) and my sister’s wedding on Saturday!

  14. Nancy says

    What’s making me smile today is that I left the east coast before the heat wave struck! It’s warm in northern Cal, but lots less humidity.

  15. says

    Yayyyyy! Love that place! Well I think I love it anyways. I haven’t bought any clothes because I am a little bit… frugal. :) But I would love to win some!

    Making me smile? A English language learner being able to sound out consonant blends! Woo hoo!

  16. Allison says

    So many things are making me smile today! The huge bowl of strawberries I ate this morning, a message from my little sister, air conditioning on this 100000 degree day in NYC, NPR…and the day is only going to get better. :)

  17. says

    I love Lululemon. I have a few things from there and they are my favorite to wear when travelling or working out.

    This giveaway is making me smile! Hope I win!

  18. says

    The temperature and humidity are slowly but surely easing up out there and that’s making me smile! Also, your generosity – this is such a great giveaway! I love lululemon stuff but can never afford it!
    p.s tweeted!

  19. Melissa B. says

    Great giveaway! I’m smiling because I’m still on a beach vacation high- even though I’m back to work- I’m tanned and relaxed!

  20. says

    Great giveaway- I’ve been dying to buy myself a pair of their running shorts! I’m smiling because I have a full weekend of local blogger, out-of-town blogger and out-of-town friend fun happening- it’s gonna be a doozy. :)

  21. Corrie says

    Great giveaway! What’s making me smile is thinking about the possibility of winning this giftcard! Love itttt!

  22. says

    so glad I found your blog, and not just b/c of the sweet giveaway. Just started following and on twitter (@jerilee40). Tweeted the giveaway.

  23. Courtney says

    Ahh! I’m smiling because I just created new play list to listen to on my run tonight after work!

    love lululemon!

  24. Sarah says

    I’m smiling because I love wearing skirts and it is definetly skirt weather! :) I would love some new workout duds.

  25. Sabrina says

    What made me smile today…my company brought it fresh baked raspberry scones for breakfast and they were delicious! The best I ever had and a wonderful way to start the day off.

  26. Sara P. says

    I am smiling today because I have ridden my bike to work everyday for the past 3 weeks! I am really proud of myself :)

  27. says

    just tweeted about your giveaway!

    I have to sadly admit, I have never been to a lulumon. have heard nothing but great things about this brand. I need a reason to go ;)

  28. says

    Today I’m smiling about the super sweet customer service rep at PB Kids who worked with me to get a damaged piece replaced. She was from OK and just so nice, told me all about her kids and grandkids – her happiness came through the phone! And I do love lulu, they hold everything in. Bless them!

  29. says

    I have a massive smile on my face because my five sons have three friends over and they are being adorable. It’s super hot, so they’re sacked out in the den on cushions and couches watching “Emperor’s New Groove”, eating ants-on-a-log, salted cucumber spears, swilling berry iced tea and being more subdued than you could possibly imagine 8 boys being…

  30. says

    I LOVE lululemon. I went yesterday and got this new running shirt, its cold the singlet. I am looking forward to testing it out tomorrow when it is disgusting outside. Being just over a month away from my wedding is making me smile today.

  31. Kim says

    making me smile: David Foster Wallace’s introduction to the 2007 edition of “The Best American Essays”. what a fabulous writer/thinker he was!

  32. says

    What’s making me smile today? The fact that I get to teach ZUMBA tonight! Can’t wait :) And I love wearing lulu clothes to class to soak up my sweat!

  33. says

    This adorable puppy at work is making me smile today! People are out trying to find her owner, but it’s fun having her hang out in the office while we wait. What’s even better is that we have a couple of people who will take her if we can’t find the owner.

  34. Erin says

    I’m smiling today because my stomach hurts (in a good way) from a great workout and laughing a lot with friends last night!

  35. Kristin says

    I would love something new from LuLulemon!
    Today I am smiling because I saw my friend and her newborn baby. There is nothing better thank holding a new baby, their sweet smell, and the little coos. To see my friend so happy with her new daughter is a true blessing!

  36. says

    I LOVE Lululemon!!! The people I’ve met through their company are some of the most positive, outgoing, inviting people I’ve met in New York City. LOVE!

    I’ve been kinda stressed lately and yesterday, I decided to take a couple of hours to visit with my friend and her 7 month-old son. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I knew that I needed to be around someone who was pure joy. It was absolutely exactly what I needed. I felt better immediately and laughed more than I have all week!


  37. Monica says

    My client just welcomed a baby boy yesterday! Seeing pictures of her beautiful family is making me smile!

  38. Bari L says

    After a few stressful weeks I’ve finally been able to get back on schedule, cooking and going to the gym and it’s still making me smile!

  39. Anna says

    Waking up early for a run on the Brooklyn Bridge was a great start to the day and is still making me smile!

  40. says

    What made me smile? Wearing shorts. I have literally owned 2 pairs of (non-athletic) shorts in my life. I have…”athletic” (let’s just call them that to be nice) legs and I’ve never been comfortable in shorts. I wear dresses fine but shorts always seems to hit me the wrong way. I’ve been working my butt off (literally) with the Tone It Up team & today I actually wore a pair of shorts to work. Boom. Done. And they looked good if I don’t say so myself. :)

    also, just tweeted to ya too! :)

  41. says

    What’s making me smile: my two awesomely cool clients I trained this morning. Both totally different. Made me realize how much I love this job and am blessed to be able to do it.

  42. says

    I have heard so many great things about Lululemon! I would love to grab one of their sports bras (which I hear are amazing) or yoga pants because they last forever!

    My cute pup is making me smile today! He was chasing grasshoppers today and it was too cute!!

  43. says

    Today I am smiling because I am on my way to getting certified to teach kids’ yoga! It’s been hard for me to find places for my community classes but thanks to the generosity of people in my town, I am going to teach my first class to little kids next week!! So excited to help introduce yoga to their lives :)

    I also tweeted (@ahsraie) and friended you on Facebook (Sarah Gusky Kemer).


  44. says

    What is making me smile today? Last night on my doorstep after a 10 hour day at work was that familiar Amazon smile. Today I started reading Crazy Sexy Diet and it is most definetly making me smile. So smart, witty, and above all else empowering!

  45. Tina says

    What’s making me smile today is my new headband that I’ve been eyeing from lululemon will be arriving in the mail soon :)

    I also tweeted about you on twitter & liked you on fb!

  46. Jenn Lewis says

    Today someone made me smile. Grace, a beautiful 2 year old girl. She is fully deaf, and has muscle movement difficulty. That doesn’t stop this girl from having the biggest smile ever. For the past two weeks I teach her swim lessons at 830 in the morning, not my favorite hour of the day. She came in this morning and says Miss Jenn, I love scooping and blowing bubbles with you, you are my favorite. Nothing can get me down today :)

  47. Erinn says

    Despite the process of packing, I am excited today because I get to go on vacation tomorrow for 10 days with my boyfriend! Love the blog AND Lululemon :)

  48. Erica says

    What a great giveaway; thanks for offering it. Here is what’s making me smile today:
    * This giveaway :)
    * Having so much to do that, even though I’ll never get to it all, I’m being pretty productive (despite what you’d think in seeing my blog comment in the middle of a workday!)
    * The prospect of spinning tonight

    Hope you are having a smiley day too!

  49. Ciara says

    The thought of riding my bike home along the beach after work is making me smile today :) and I have never been to lululemon but have seen people wear some of their stuff and would love to have my own!

  50. Tracy Bryant says

    The sun is out here in the Pacific Northwest for the first time in a while. That makes me smile!!

  51. says

    I heart Lululemon!
    Sitting outside at our favorite coffee joint watching Ava happily munch an apple and throw coins into the fountain made me smile first thing.

  52. says

    I just found you on facebook and now I “like” you. :-)

    (I never knew how to like someone on fb before – you’re my first.)

  53. L. Marie says

    What’s making me smile despite the excessive heat and packing for a move is my friend who is 9 months pregnant has such a great attitude about the heat!

  54. Stacey says

    The bag of huge cherries that I just picked up from the store is making me smile today! I wish cherry season lasted longer, so you have to take advantage of it when it is here :)

  55. says

    We just got a Lululemon store in Richmond and I haven’t checked it out yet – but all I’ve heard is amazing things about this workout gear!

    Today I’m smiling because one of my good girlfriends is coming over with her precious new baby girl tonight after work and I can’t wait to see both of them :)

  56. Kari Burghardt says

    I love Lululemon! Multiple things hae made me smile today…1. seeing this giveaway! :) 2. spending the day with my daughter (15 months old) :) 3. having a Starbucks iced coffee this morning 4. it’s Wednesday, the week is half over! Have a great week! ((Smile))

  57. Kristen Koch says

    Ohhhh Lululemon…

    My roomie is obesessed!! She walks in almost every week with something cute, yet I am yet to find an item I can afford. With the little help of a giftcard, I may be able to walk in and share my cute item with her :)))

    Things that made me smile today:
    I snuck my workout in during my lunch hour…now I can spend my evening enjoying the company of a friend :))))
    A nice afternoon thunder shower on one of the hottest, most humid weeks of the summer!! A quick afternoon shower, followed by sunshine!! Love the smell after rain :)))
    Having productive day at work, relieving much unnecessary stress :)))

    Yeah, for the week being over half-way done!!! The countdown to the weekend begins!!!

  58. Angee says

    What made me smile today? Well I am on day 2 of a migraine and what made me smile was YOU being so sweet to give away a gift card to Lululemon. :)

  59. Marielle says

    I love lululemon!
    What makes me smile today: that i’m leaving for a much needed beach vacation tomorrow!
    (and I have the same problem when I go to lulu, I always find something I want) :)

  60. Lindsey Baker says

    My smile today came from Mariano’s Fresh Market! I tried going to a new grocery store today and it really paid off! It’s like a Whole Foods and Trader Joes combined in one! Great organic foods with amazing prices! I hit the jack pot! Clean eating for cheap! :o)

  61. says

    One of my little ones at work chanting “hi Catherine, hi Catherine, hi Catherine” and doing a funny little dance while headed down the hall in my direction definitely made me smile today!

  62. says

    I have never been to a Lululemon and there isn’t one anywhere around me at all. SO I would use this gift card to get my very first piece of Lululemon apparel!

    Okay, today, the baked tofu I am waiting to have for dinner is making me happy! Seriously, I love it!

  63. Sarah says

    Love this! I am smiling because it is 112 degrees outside (Chicago) and I have working air conditioning!

  64. Amie says

    Being fortunate enough to have my health, family, friends and two great dogs are what is making me smile!

  65. says

    I was feeling extremely tired and I didn’t feel like working out but I got up and decided I would never regret a workout and went on the elliptical and the rowing machine. It felt great and I am so happy I got myself up to do that.

    Also beaches make me happy and fresh air :)

  66. Amanda says

    The beautiful weather (note: I have escaped from the midwest for a few days for work) made me smile today :)

  67. Crystal says

    I started a fit club after work so it is easy, convenient and supportive for my coworkers to get active a healthier. Two weeks into it and attendance continues to grow! That makes me smile every day after work :)

  68. says

    Today, Flipboard is making me smile – looking at all the beautiful photos people take and dreaming about vacations all over the world.

  69. Claire says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE me some LULU!!! been obsessed with Lulu for a while now and can personally guarantee the awesomeness of the products! I’ve surfed, run, rolled in mud, golfed, tennis’d, camped, skydove (skydived?), in my Lulu gear and it has never failed me! Today- watching my corgi pounce on my black lab while he sleeps is making me HAPPY! Corgi’s are strange little dogs but extremely entertaining

  70. says

    i feel super lame breaking my “reading not commenting” streak to enter this giveaway. sorry :) what is making me smile today? ordering my wedding dress. yay!

  71. Cindy says

    Today I donated some of my clothes and it made me smile. I like to do good for someone, and now I have more room in my closet for new finds!

  72. says

    What made me smile is that I was crying and feeling depressed about something. I called my parents for comfort, and my dad told me he dreamed of me just before I called, and had been praying for me all day!

  73. says

    A lot is making me smile today! But the biggest one is that I had another long talk with my recruiting officer and I am one step closer to heading off for the Navy! This luluemon gift card can get me something to help with OCS Training!! ;o)

  74. Sara says

    I love lululemon but it is expensive! Two things made me smile today 1. Getting my interval timer in the mail and 2. Coconut Milk ice cream : )

  75. Becca B says

    Going on an unplanned date with my boyfriend made me smile and wathcing the movie “The Adjustment Bureau” after going out to a nice dinner!

  76. vildana says

    Crepes with Nutella and stawberries and walnuts make me smile. Also the fact that it is my BIRTHDAY on the 26th :) :)

  77. vildana says

    Crepes with Nutella and strawberries and walnuts make me smile. Also the fact that it is my BIRTHDAY on the 26th :) :)

  78. Kellie Wilson says

    My sweet puppy Tinkerbell is making me smile. No matter what kind of day I have, she always makes everything beter! :)

  79. Jennie says

    My younger sister is coming to visit me this weekend from Boston and we get to run our long run together on Saturday morning in preparation for the NYC marathon! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  80. Jessica says

    Waking up to the smell of rain and drinking my iced passion tea makes me smile today :) I liked you on facebook!!

  81. Ashley says

    The fact that it is sunny and 84 degrees outside with a third of the humidity! A perfect night for a walk with the dog and a glass of wine on the patio will put a smile on my face! Cheers!!

  82. Brindi says

    Today I got to watch as one of my best friends was fitted for her wedding dress. She looked beautiful, and I cried with a smile on my face the whole time :)

  83. Amanda says

    My birthday being a week away puts a smile on my face :) I may be turning 22 but no matter what age I turn my birthday will always make me happy! Reminds me of goals to finish, plans to make and being thankful for my parents for making me <3

  84. jenn says

    I just got my bike refitted!! I’m smiling because I know tomorrow morning’s ride is going to be fantastic :)

  85. says

    Wow – what a generous giveaway! Other than THIS making me smile, this summer HEAT is actually making me smile. I spend all winter b!tching about how FREEZING it is and how much snow MN gets, so I will take 90 – 105 any day.

    Thanks Emily!

  86. Simone says

    I am smiling because it’s FRIDAY!! and I’m looking forward to a great weekend catching up with friends, a girls night and working on my new veggie garden ;)

  87. Pamela says

    What makes me smile is knowing that when I get home my precious maltipoo will greet me at the door. I don’t know which one of us gets more excited!

  88. Chris says

    LOVE LULU and practically live in it at my job. One thing making me happy is that in two months I get to marry the man I love so very much!

  89. says

    Great giveaway!!

    What’s making me smile today is the wonderful lunch I had with a college friend who I rarely get to see, despite being in the same city, and will luckily get to see again tomorrow at another college friend’s wedding!

  90. says

    What a fantastic giveaway! Lululemon is quite addictive…Part of me wishes I’d never discovered their clothing because it’s a huge money drain. But 100% worth it! :)

    Lots of Hawaiian sunshine made me smile today. And so did bowls of papaya and pineapple.

  91. Hilary says

    What is making me smile today is the thought of winning this gift certificate!! I do not own anything from Lululemon but often go in the store to dream of what I would buy!!

  92. Tabitha says

    Mixing the colors light aqua with coral this summer makes me smile, making my own iced coffee’s w/ soy and vanilla make me also makes me happy as I am saving money, BUT moving in the near future and imagining nesting and decorating and calling a place my own give me the biggest smile of all!

  93. Tabitha says

    I also liked you on Facebook=). I live in the cities too, and helped someone move today-oooh-weeeeee it’s been hot in MN this week!

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