meal prep in 3 easy steps

I’m a planner.

I plan my evenings. I plan my weekends. I plan my mornings. And I definitely plan my meals.

When you plan and prep your meals in advance, it makes life easier, but it’s also really important if you are trying to eat healthier or lose weight. 

Depending on your life/work/school schedule, meal prep can go in a few directions. Because I eat breakfast and lunch at the office, I specifically plan out those meals and pack everything up in separate containers (or double up portions and leave at the office fridge). 

Step One: I start by planning the meals I want to make first. It might be a fun meal from pinterest or something I tore out of a magazine, or a recipe that I’m testing for my blog or other work. A lot of my meals during the week are really simple and I save the fun meals for the weekends when I have more time to actually enjoy the cooking process.

Step Two: After you’ve planned your meals, consult your pantry/fridge/freezer for the ingredients you already have, and make your list. Decide which ingredients it makes sense to buy cooked or cleaned ahead of time and which ingredients you’ll prepare from scratch.

Step Three: Cook! Set aside a few hours and prepare and pack up all of your meals (for me it is just breakfast + lunch) so they are ready to grab on your way out the door!


Download infographic here. (Made using piktochart <– affiliate link)


  1. says

    Meal prep is something I always wish I was better at! It’s so funny how much time I spend looking at cookbooks, Pinterest and tearing recipes out of magazines and then I look through them and can’t decide what to make! I love your chart! So creative and helpful! Good work Em! I will be pinning the chart for future reference!

    • Emily says

      I’m so glad you think it’s helpful! It is pretty basic information, but hopefully it is laid out in a way that makes it really do-able!

  2. says

    Thanks for the tips and they are really helpful! I’m a planner too, but not for my meals. I will try to plan my food/meals so that I can still maintain my healthy diet while being busy.

  3. says

    I saw your blog and have been trying our meal prep for a week as well. Would love to get your opinion on how I did :)

  4. says

    Nice infographics. Planning your meals is the key to a healthy life. Life can get so busy and we have no time for cooking so we end up eating fast food. Which is a no no. Your infographic makes it seem so easy. I will have to put it to use next time. Thanks.

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