these are a few of my favorite things… (giveaway!)

…quite literally. And I’m sharing all of them with one of you!


Blame it on a number of things (holiday pandora channel, #givingtuesday, and all of the menorahs and christmas trees I’ve seen in the past few days) but it doesn’t really matter. I want to share some of my favorite things with you, and I’m the boss around here so I get to decide! Thank you SO much for reading – I appreciate each and every one of you!

Listed below are 10 of my favorite foods – and nail polish, random I know, along with anything else I decide to include – that I’m sending the lucky winner! Happy Holidays.


1. maldon sea salt flakes  | 2. choice organic moroccan mint green tea | 3. earth balance coconut & peanut spread | 4. tera’s whey protein powder | 5. flapjacked protein pancakes | 6. hail merry blonde macaroons | 7. keen-wah decadence chocolate chia bar | 8. intellegentsia el gallo organic breakfast blend | 9. nuts about chocolate & raspberry trex mix** | 10.  essie nail polish

**I searched for the trex mix to find a description and came across an old post of mine from 2010…which also references The Sound of Music. #obsessed? By the way, are you watching the live version with Carrie Underwood on Thursday? I drive by the set every day (it’s outside!) but I just don’t know if I can stray from the original…  [edited to add: I was wrong on the location, it’s being filmed in NY!]

Ok, yeah, I’m totally watching it.

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  1. says

    I’m TOTALLY watching the new Sound of Music on Thursday. My friend and I intend to watch it together while drinking wine and maybe laughing. I don’t expect it to be like the original, but entertaining nonetheless. Are you watching?

  2. says

    1. I did the Sound of Music tour in Austria. It was all kinds of corny and all kinds of awesome.
    2. I’m DVRing it tonight.
    3. Have you tried the Hail Merry mini-tarts? They’ve been at our Costco and they are so good!
    4. Yes on the Keenwah Decadence – of course I’m kinda a bars junkie.

    Hope all is well!

    • Emily says

      Oh my. I think my Mom and I need to do the tour.
      I have tried the citrus tarts…but haven’t seen them at our Costco yet, but would definitely buy them in bulk. :)
      Hope all is well with you too, Michelle!

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