new product favorites (april)


hampton creek just mayo. I bought this because I thought it was real, homemade mayo. Turns out it is vegan mayo. I contemplated taking it back to Whole Foods because I’m not usually a huge fan of vegan mayo, but figured I’d give it a try. It was DELICIOUS. And sorry honey, I never told you it was vegan. I’m pretty much counting down the days until I can buy their chipotle version, I love the packaging, the flavor, the texture, blah, blah, blah! I’m obsessed!

Favorite New Products | A Nutritionist Eats

wildbrine sauerkraut. I tried this a few years ago at Expo, and am so glad it’s in stores now. The Dill Pickle is by far my favorite and it is such a delicious way to get in some fermented foods in on a daily basis. (Side note: Has anyone made their own raw sauerkraut? I’m tempted!)

Favorite New Products | A Nutritionist Eats

everlane frozen wheat grass shots. These come frozen (like an ice cube) and can easily be tossed into a juice or smoothie. I love that I can add a bit of concentrated wheat grass without the hassle of dealing with wheat grass. I don’t really care for the flavor of straight wheat grass, but these are really mild and per the website, this is because it is grown outside instead of indoors like most wheat grass. 

Favorite New Products | A Nutritionist Eats

shell-n-all fried peanuts. I found a bag of these at World Market and after trying shell-on peanuts in Napa, I’ve been trying to find something similar. They are crunchy and delicious – and the nutrition stats are similar to regular roasted peanuts. Score! (7 Facts You Want to Know about Peanuts)

Favorite New Products | A Nutritionist Eats

vega one vanilla. I’ve been loving Vega’s “all-in-one nutritional shake” which is full of protein, fiber, greens, enzymes, probiotics and a slew of vitamins and minerals. (Both the chai and vanilla are fantastic!) I keep things simple and love vanilla vega one + frozen strawberries + spinach + coconut/almond milk.

Favorite New Products | A Nutritionist Eats

chipotle garlic sauce. We found this line of spicy sauces, rubs and snacks at a local LA event, and man the Chipotle Garlic Sauce is so good. I loooooove it on chicken drumsticks. (Even more so than buffalo sauce which was my favorite!) They also have some fun popcorns but beware, even my spice-loving brother couldn’t handle the ghost pepper candied popcorn! 

Have you recently tried a new food that you love and/or I NEED to try? 


  1. says

    Would you consider the Vega to be a good meal replacement shake as an easy breakfast, or more of a snack? I like the idea of a smoothie/shake in the morning especially during the hot summer months (if they ever arrive in MN that is!).

    • Emily says

      I love it for breakfast! I used to not be able to feel satisfied with just a smoothie, but it has been working for me lately. (And if I do get hungry I snack on some almonds!)

  2. Laura Burk says

    My aunt makes her own sauerkraut and it is amazing. You do need a dark space( like a basement) to let it sit.

  3. says

    Not kidding, I’ve had a sauerkraut recipe open on my desktop for MONTHS and have yet to make it. Tried and true recipe from a friend who makes it all the time, so I know it’s good!

    • Emily says

      It’s started showing up in Whole Foods, so WFM in Texas should be able to get it (or at least soon!), so I’d recommend requesting it at the store!

  4. says

    I will have to try the Just Mayo. I checked out the site and they have a Chipotle mayo as well. Thanks for sharing these new products!

  5. says

    I’m not a fan of vegan foods, but I must admit I was lured by the packaging – so pretty! Was very surprised it tasted like the real deal!

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