oh, hi.

It’s me.

As you can see, I’ve taken another long break.

Truth be told, a few weeks ago, I was ready to give up on blogging, but after much back and forth, I don’t think I’m ready to quit quite yet.

I’ve put so much into this little website, spent so much money and taken pictures of dinners at 10am. Sometimes people give me free stuff and sometimes I get invited to cool events! I’ve met friends through blogging, and it has certainly helped with job opportunities. But honestly, those aren’t the things I miss when I take a break. I miss sharing healthy meal ideas, nutrition tips and pretty (hopefully) food pictures with you all. I guess I’m not ready to stop talking about food and nutrition just quite yet.

So you’re stuck with me, and I appreciate you sticking around. :)

See you soon with a real post!


  1. says

    It’s hard when this is a part time thing to dedicate the right amount of time to it. I 100% understand that. Make a schedule that works for you and I will be reading along.

  2. says

    Glad you aren’t saying goodbye…I’ve been missing you! I 100% know how you are feeling…I go through waves like that all the time…and then I go through waves where I love it. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing :) One day at a time…

    Hope you’re doing fabulously!!

  3. Dorothea says

    Funny how a few days ago I checked your blog and found that you hadn’t written any lately. All the things you missed, I too have missed. I am happy you are back and hopeful you can juggle it all.

  4. says

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Same feelings lately and same reasons. Let’s stick with this together. ;) Glad you’re back!

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