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slow cooker honey soy chicken

Slow Cooker Honey Soy Chicken |

Is it too early for slow cooker recipes? Because personally, I love using the slow cooker all year long, but in the fall and winter, weekends just don’t seem complete unless there is an intoxicating smell of something slowly cooking away in the kitchen. And we are all in fall mode, right? I’ve had quite… 

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Healthy Lunch Ideas |

healthy lunch ideas

Do you love packing lunches as much as I do? (I’m kidding, that’s not a real question.) I love cooking, but prepping lunches? Not one of my favorite things to do. And I get the feeling that those of you who pack lunches day in and day out get sick of it real quick as well…. 

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Chicken Curry Salad |

curried chicken salad

It’s officially lunch week over here. A few weeks ago, we had breakfast week and I guess that means dinner week should be next! We’re starting things off with a superb curried chicken salad (it’s perfect over greens and easily made ahead of time) and later this week, I’ll be sharing a ton of ideas on what to… 

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Lately I've Been |

lately i’ve been…xxi

obsessed with babycakes. Need to buy the cookbook* and start making the goodies myself. seeing Spoon at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. listening to podcasts. Freakonomics is my current fave! eating fancy toast at Go Get Em Tiger. LOVE! creating a learnist board all about healthy snacking. If you need some snack inspiration, check it out! getting… 

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Last of Summer Succotash |

last of summer succotash

We’ve done our fair share of housesitting since we moved to Los Angeles and in addition to enjoying the perks of a real HOUSE, central air, backyards and GRILLS it’s also really fun to hang out in a neighborhood different than ours. New neighborhoods = new restaurants! One of our absolute favorite restaurants to visit… 

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