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lately i’ve been… (november 2014)

celebrating Richie’s birthday at Commissary. Roy Choi has a way with vegetables (sort of the theme of Commissary) and sauces. Each dish came out with an incredibly complex – and insane – sauce. And Richie had a gin & beet juice drink. finally getting a cast-iron pan. Now we have an insanely heavy pan that… 

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california-inspired thanksgiving menu

I wasn’t going to post today, because…well, my anticipated squash with curried butter recipe was NOT good. It needs some major work before it’s ready to share (if it’s ever ready) so instead, I thought you might enjoy some Thanksgiving chat with this California-inspired Thanksgiving Menu. (You know there’s a kale salad!) What’s on your Thanksgiving menu this… 

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Recommended Reading |

recommended reading

Happy Sunday! How is your weekend? It’s been pretty quiet over here and all about the big move next weekend. Yesterday we trekked it out to Ikea to scope out some furniture and storage options – we’ll probably be back there next week. And today, we’re getting rid of stuff in preparation for our move!… 

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Easy Strawberry Tart |

easy strawberry tart

I made you dessert! It’s a rare occurrence. I eat dessert, but never make it. Lately, I’ve been eating a LOT of desserts. When I was in New York, I had an amazing dinner at momofuku noodle bar: brisket bun (my favorite of the night!), kimchee salad, rice cakes and of course, a bowl of ‘momofuku… 

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Gorgonzola + Honey Crostini |

gorgonzola + honey crostini

I’m currently in the sky, headed back to the West Coast! I’ll call it the “best” coast if it feels more like the fall weather I enjoyed in New York, and less like the summer weather I didn’t enjoy in LA this past weekend. (I loved being in NYC, the energy feels so different than in… 

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