Almond Butter Stuffed French Toast - a nutritious, filling breakfast! |

almond butter stuffed french toast

Breakfast. Not something I’ve been the greatest at lately. I was on a great streak of bagel + cream cheese + avocado + tomato slices or a fried egg around 10am each day. I ate it for close to three weeks straight. Then I ran out of bagels and got desperate. Cold pizza at 11:30am?… 

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Lentil Pasta + Arugula Pesto - gluten free, high in protein and a delicious spring meal! | A Nutritionist Eats

lentil pasta with arugula pesto

Today’s pasta recipe and giveaway is sponsored by friends at Uddo’s Kitchen. Let’s share a bowl of spring-time pasta today, shall we? It’s not just any bowl of pasta though. It’s LENTIL pasta. (More on that in a minute!) And it’s ARUGULA pesto. Yums all the way around because it’s absolutely delicious and it’s absolutely good-for-you. I’ll start with the… 

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Easy Trader Joe's Recipes - 5 ingredients or less! |

4 easy trader joe’s meals

Last year, I shared a 5 trader joe’s meals (5 ingredients or less) and it’s been one of my most-popular posts ever since! It seems like we are all looking for quick meals that come together in minutes – I get it. And I’m back with some more. I visit Trader Joe’s a LOT. It’s two… 

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daily eats: april 15, 2015

Wow! Demi and I had a day yesterday. She spent most of 8am-1pm attached to me – eating. She typically eats pretty frequently during the day but this was not how we normally spend the morning. (And hopefully it isn’t a regular occurrence!) I can’t say I blame her though, just like her parents, she really… 

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Asparagus & Chickpea Salad |

asparagus & garbanzo bean salad

Guess who hasn’t cooked a thing since having a baby? ME! Now that’s not to say we haven’t been eating well, because we have. Between my parents, our cousins and friends, we’ve been SO well-fed and SO spoiled. (Not quite as spoiled as Demi though, packages arrive on a daily basis for that girl!) This salad was… 

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