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daily eats: may 20, 2015

As I’m typing up this post, little Demi is sleeping (and snoring a bit, if we’re going to be truthful) next to me. I smile and my heart feels full. (Before you go thinking she is an excellent sleeper and never makes a peep, just the day before she was boycotting naps.) I’ve learned that… 

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Mint Iced Coffee | A Nutritionist Eats

mint iced coffee

Want to know what’s getting me through afternoons? (Yes, plural. As in every single afternoon.) Coffee. Always cold brew. Always mint simple syrup. Always necessary. In the beginning of life with Demi, I couldn’t figure out why I was tired even though I was getting about the same amount of sleep (about) per night. Turns… 

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oh, hi. (may 2015) | A Nutritionist Eats

oh, hi. (may 2015)

I feel like chatting. It’s been a while (over a week!) since I’ve last posted and to say that I miss it would be a major understatement. So I’m going to ramble a bit! Life has been busy, in the best possible way! Obviously this girl takes up most of my time and man is… 

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Almond Butter Stuffed French Toast - a nutritious, filling breakfast! | anutritionisteats.com

almond butter stuffed french toast

Breakfast. Not something I’ve been the greatest at lately. I was on a great streak of bagel + cream cheese + avocado + tomato slices or a fried egg around 10am each day. I ate it for close to three weeks straight. Then I ran out of bagels and got desperate. Cold pizza at 11:30am?… 

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Lentil Pasta + Arugula Pesto - gluten free, high in protein and a delicious spring meal! | A Nutritionist Eats

lentil pasta with arugula pesto

Today’s pasta recipe and giveaway is sponsored by friends at Uddo’s Kitchen. Let’s share a bowl of spring-time pasta today, shall we? It’s not just any bowl of pasta though. It’s LENTIL pasta. (More on that in a minute!) And it’s ARUGULA pesto. Yums all the way around because it’s absolutely delicious and it’s absolutely good-for-you. I’ll start with the… 

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