project food blog #4: an omelette in pictures

I cannot thank you all enough for helping to get me to round 4 of the project food blog. I was shocked and so flattered to find out that I made it to round 4! I also started to immediately panic, wondering what I would do for the next challenge.

Challenge #4 was to create step-by-step instructions on how to make or prepare something – but it is pictures, not words that need to guide the readers through the steps. I wanted to show you all how to prepare something that is simple, healthy and should be a staple in all households – although many people are intimidated by them – omelettes.

Omelettes are something, much like risotto, that once the basics are mastered, the possibilities are endless. You can serve your omelet plain, with cheese or get really fancy and add things like fresh herbs, bacon, vegetables, etc. Often thought of as simply a breakfast food, an omelette is an outstanding meal, anytime of the day.

It is also a dish that almost every culture has a variation on, truly making it a universal food. There are Iranian, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai, Spanish, Moroccan, Indian versions and a number of others that aren’t mentioned.  Next time you’re out traveling? Make sure you try the local “omelette.” There’s a world of omelettes that go beyond the “Denver.”

Now, let’s get to the omelette!

Gather ingredients: 1 Tbsp butter, 2 eggs, 2 Tbsp milk, salt & pepper

Whisk eggs

Add milk, salt & pepper. Beat eggs for about 1 minute

Heat pan over medium-low heat. Add butter and when melted, swirl to coat entire pan


When hot, add egg mixture. Swirl pan and use spatula to loosen and round edges

When almost completely set, fold over in half, tilting pan to help. Let sit on heat for another 30 seconds to cook through

I can’t tell you that folding an omelette is exactly an easy thing to do, it takes some practice and I certainly don’t have it mastered. What I can tell you is that no matter what it looks like, it is going to taste amazing. Just make sure you use real butter – it makes all the difference in this simple dish.


  1. says

    I LOVE omelets! Despite saying the word wrong for the first NINETEEN years of my life before someone corrected me…. >=/ I always thought it was oLmlette, pronounced ulm-let.

    That aside, definitely one of my favorite foods. And one of the first I learned to cook on my own! I used to ask if I could cook my parents breakfast in bed and make them. :) Your photos are beautiful, as always!

  2. says

    I just made an omelette this afternoon for lunch! They aren’t actually easy…mine tore apart because I had too much egg and too little pan. Your amazing pictures make me wanna tackle them again!

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    My favorite scene in my favorite food movie (Big Night) is where Stanley Tucci makes an omelette. From what I hear this is how Gordon Ramsey tests out his new chefs: make me an omelette. If they pass, they’re hired. The simplest thing is sometimes the most difficult, but you handled this beautifully! Kudos! Just voted….

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    Awesome! It’s so true that omlettes can sometimes be a bit intimidating. When you haven’t mastered it, it can easily fall apart leaving you discouraged. This is a fantastic tutorial :)

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    Wow, that looks like the perfect omelette! I am so intimidated by omelettes that I never make them. I’m going to study your tutorial again before my next attempt!

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    Great photos! I especially like that last one. I love that my fave food bloggers are doing so well in the challenge. You have my vote for sure!

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    I love how you’ve used such a simple subject for your tutorial… especially since there are an awful lot of poorly made omelettes in this world. There’s definitely something to be said for mastering the art of making a perfect omelette. Beautiful photos, too.
    Good luck. You’ve got my vote!

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    Great tutorial! A perfectly made omelet can be delicious anytime of day. Definitely a skill we all should master. And you make it look really easy. Nicely done. I voted for you!

    Good luck! Hope to see us both in the round 5 !!! =)

  9. says

    Being honest, I’m not sure that I really have the hang of folding omelettes – I think I mostly, umm, ‘forget’ to do that step :D You’ve reminded me that I should probably revisit the basics (as you have photographed so well here) and make sure I’ve mastered them!

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    Great job with the omelette instructions. An omelette is such a wonderful meal maker. I love adding saute vegetables and a really terrific cheese for a healthy meal.


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