restaurant: anchor fish & chips

Anchor Fish & Chips is the kind of place you just want to keep coming back to. What makes it so special?

It’s small and cozy, with an open kitchen and the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. You know that’s a serious statement when it is coming from someone who grew up in Wisconsin. (A fish fry is almost mandatory on Friday nights.)

The prices are good, the portions huge and the staff friendly. Sometimes they even have accents! :) The rest of their (limited) menu sounds great but I just can’t stray from the fish and chips!

It’s always busy – on our most recent trip we were able to sneak in a seat at the bar, but we’ve also been there and waited an 1.5 hours. But trust me, it’s worth it. (The glasses of wine are $4, which make any wait much better!)

They are unapoligetically meat/fish-centric and a clear statement letting all patrons know that everything comes in contact with meat/fish. I find this incredibly endearing. They aren’t trying to cater to everyone – and I really like that they aren’t trying to be something they aren’t. They know what they do well. There are a few veggies options on the menu: locally made Veggie Burger and Veggie Pastie which I’m sure are very good, but if you are a strict veg, I would recommend visiting a different place.

I know we’ll go back as often as our wastlines can handle the entirely fried meal (!) – but after two visits, next time we know just how to order:

  • 1 order fish & chips
  • 1 order fish
  • 1 coleslaw
  • 1 mushy peas

This probably sounds like a ton of food, and it is, but we’ll still have plenty of leftovers to take home with us. (They are easily re-baked  at home)

Anchor Fish & Chips:

302 13th Avenue NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413



    • Emily says

      They are basically just peas mushed up with a little melted butter. (To my knowledge at least, I’m sure they vary.) It sounds and looks terrible but they are pretty good! And I don’t even really like peas that much!

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