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It’s such a shame that this was our first visit to spoonriver, perhaps part of me realized how much I would love it and considering that it is a few blocks away from home, this could be a very dangerous thing for my budget. But on a frigid Sunday morning, we decided to go out for a brunch, a rare occasion for us.

The place was packed so we sat at the bar, which was very enjoyable, we had a little view of the kitchen and got to drool over all the food coming out. The space is bright with windows lining an entire wall, and orange and stainless steel accents. We also spotted Brenda Langton herself, owner of spoonriver and local Minneapolis food celebrity. I was tempted to ask for a picture with her, but I try to keep my cool around celebrities. ;)

I wasn’t really in the cocktail mood, so I stuck with an Herbal Peppermint tea but the Taster had one of their famous bloody marys and it got his approval. He said it really reminded him of the bloody we made – it also won an award for best bloody mary from MSP Magazine. The cocktail list is an inventive one, with a lot of infused vodkas, rums and tequilas, I can’t wait to go back in the evening.

Deciding on what food to order, however was not as easy. One of the reasons why we don’t go out for brunch often is because the Taster does such a good job making breakfast at home that there is no need to go out. But this time, I had already decided that I was going to order breakfast and it was only a matter of which omelet to choose.

I ended up deciding on the Brie, Caramelized Onion and Apple Omelet – which was SO good! The brie was creamy, the apples in paper thin slices, and the little slices of caramelized onions made up the perfect sweet and savory breakfast. The side salad it was served with was the perfect accompaniment.

The Taster went with a Potato, Broccoli and Caramelized Onion Omelet with Parsley Sour Cream. This honestly didn’t sound very good to me on the menu, but it was fabulous. The Taster described it as a “baked potato in an omelet” and was only missing a little bacon in his opinion. I actually ended up liking his a little more than mine – I think I just prefer my eggs savory instead of savory and sweet.

The portion sizes were perfect, we both left feeling good, and while the prices aren’t exactly cheap, I’ve never been a fan of cheap food. I would prefer to pay a little more for locally sourced, naturally raised ingredients. And that’s what spoonriver is all about.


  1. says

    I have had great experiences at Spoonriver. This was a good reminder that I need to get back there. From my experience with Brenda (i have had the pleasure of working with her before), she would have happily had her photo taken with you. Next time!

  2. erin says

    I LOVE spoonriver! Had the lamb burger at lunch last week… delish! Haven’t been there for brunch yet… the brie, caramelized onion and apple omelet sounds amazing!

  3. says

    we have brenda’s cookbook in the store. when it is slow, i love browsing her recipes. i am going to add spoonriver to my list of places to try!

  4. says

    Spoonriver sounds like my kind of restaurant! I’m a huge fan of places that feature locally sourced foods. :)

    Nothing beats a good omelet for breakfast. I think I would enjoy a combination of the two you ordered: caramelized onions and brie! Mmm.

  5. says

    I used to work just across the river from Spoonriver and actually got to meet/ collaborate with Brenda on a brainstorming project for my job. I love that restaurant. We left MN 3 years ago and I was wondering if it was still around with the shaky economy and all. Glad to hear it is still doing well.

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