restaurant: the tin fish

Here is my Saturday restaurant post from Minneapolis while I’m in New Orleans!
This is a restaurant that on every walk/run around Lake Calhoun I remember that I want to eat here. Usually I’m not at the lake to eat though and only have my ipod so it had never happened!
So our last time at the lake we decided to break mid-walk for a lunch break (I mean, it’s a strenuous flat 3 miles people!!!) This seasonal restaurant is actually a “premier chain of seafood restaurants” which I had no idea until visiting their website.
It is very casual, you just go up and order at the counter, find a seat near the lake and wait for your food while enjoying the views.

This is the shrimp salad, simple and delicious. Cabbage, sauteed shrimp (kind of cajun flavored) and salsa! So much better than I had expected. And very reasonable too, I believe it was $5.95.

Halibut sandwich: toasted bun, hot sauce and tartar. Kind of wimpy for $10 but again, very delicious!

Hopefully we can get back to the tin fish before it closes in October! It would be a great place to watch the sunset and have a glass of wine!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


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