review: annie’s creamy tuna skillet meal

In my 27 years of existence, this was the first time I’ve tried tuna helper. I must admit, these “helper” meals have always intrigued me. Apparently when you grow up eating good,  wholesome foods you miss out on culinary adventures like hamburger helper. I’m so appreciative that we ate the way we did and I wouldn’t change it for the world but I decided it was time to see what these meals were all about.

The Annie’s version was my first choice, and really the reason I was even interested in trying them. Unfortunately I don’t think the Betty Crocker version would have done it for me.  Corn syrup, trans fats and artificial flavors? No thanks.

The meal was actually quite good and I love that I had a few lunches ready to go for the week. But it is important to be mindfull of the serving size, because when prepared, one serving has 320 calories + tuna. I easily could have eaten two servings but with that said, it was quite filling. I added some cooked peas to mine as well, which add a bit of color and up the hot dish quotient that much more.

Is it something I’ll be eating once a month? Probably not, but I’m sure I’ll be ready to try the cheeseburger macaroni variety in a few years or so. ;)


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    I’ve never tried those “helper”mixes either. It is good to know that Annie’s makes a healthier version, maybe in a few years when Ava starts asking for things like that I can try it.

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    i haven’t tried cooking boxed meals either. my mom definitely used them when we were kids and i think i got burn out. but in a pinch it is nice to have something quick and easy on hand.

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    i’ve never seen these annie’s meals! after a childhood of one too many tuna helpers, i never thought i would eat one out of a box again. however, the idea of a “healthy” one certainly intrigues me…

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