review: blake’s mac & cheese with chicken

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who gets sucked into the frozen aisle at Whole Foods. I literally scour those aisles every time I’m there. Well, I guess I do that to all of the aisles. (Don’t want to miss any new products!) :)

I’ve seen Blake’s products for years at food shows and in the freezer, but since I don’t purchase a lot of frozen meals, I had never tried them. But I knew there would be a time when I needed a delicious dinner that didn’t require much from me. And that is the beauty of frozen foods, right? You may not know when you are going to need them, but if you need them is never a question.

Fan of:

  • the crunchy topping
  • the creamy cheese sauce
  • the organic chicken (and a decent amount of it)
  • decent nutritional stats (mac & cheese doesn’t exactly get a good rap, but this size keeps the calories and fat in check!)


  • there was more broccoli (hey, I’m a Nutritionist!)
  • there was a bit more flavor, but it was perfect with some sriracha (and probably very kid friendly)
  • the portion was a little bigger, but when paired with a side of veggies it was actually pretty satisfying

Will I buy it again? You know I’m a sucker for family businesses, cute packaging and a convenient meal, so yes!  I also think that a certain someone will love the Shepard’s Pie so that’s next on the list.


  1. says

    I have a special place in my heart for mac n’ cheese. It’s nice to know there’s a good, healthy frozen version out there! I don’t think using frozen foods are a bad thing to use in a pinch if you choose wisely- I’ll have to look for that one. How was the price?

    • Emily says

      I think the price is reasonable, considering that everything is organic (including the chicken). And would still be cheaper than picking up fast food, or something from a restaurant!

  2. Kristin Selander says

    Speaking of mac & cheese…I just took a cheese class at Whole Foods in Uptown with Chef Ani and it was AMAZING! One of the courses we made was a homestyle mac & cheese , so delish!

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