review: coconut chai green tea

Two days ago, I broke the glass pot to our coffee machine.

For the second time.

The Taster thinks I’m too rough with it, but I just think the glass is too fragile! Instead of panicking – we have an espresso maker anyway – I deemed it the perfect time to take a little break from coffee. I had a teeny headache yesterday, but green tea was a great replacement for my morning coffee ritual.

I’m a huge fan of Choice Moroccan Mint Green Tea, but Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Coconut Chai Green Tea is my new favorite. It’s a blend of green tea, cardamon, ginger, clove and tropical coconut that fills your mug with a delicious aroma and feels like a treat in every sip!


  • incredible flavor!
  • organic and certified fair trade
  • is a “sweeter” tea – good for afternoon sweet cravings
  • contains medicinal spices (ginger aids digestion and cinnamon heightens contentment)
  • you can buy in bulk or refills or tea bags for the canister off the website


  • $6.99 seems a bit steep, but if you do the math, it comes out to $.32 a tea bag which I can handle
Have you tried this brand or flavor of tea? What is your favorite? I need some new teas! 


  1. jamie says

    mmmm yum! looks yummy.
    i was in whole foods yesterday and came very close to buying the So Delicious Coconut Milk Egg Nog…have you tried it?? I’m just wondering if it’s any good! It’s exactly half the calories of regular carton of egg nog! unreal!

    • Emily says

      I haven’t tried it, I’ve been tempted too, but all of the sugar just frustrates me. :) I’m sure its a much better option than the classics though!!

  2. says

    I don’t actually think that’s too steep for tea (get it? steep?) once you do the math per serving. Sounds delicious, too! I’m a big fan of white teas. Republic of Tea makes a really good Ginger Peach white tea.

  3. says

    First, have you tried a maker with thermal pot? We changed over to the Cuisinart coffee maker with the thermal carafe this summer and I love it. Bonus, you can’t break it. :)
    Second, I must try this tea. The name alone sounds so good. My new office is tea obsessed. We even have a nice water cooler that will give out piping hot water. So now I’m all about my afternoon tea!

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