review: coconut water purity

I have a renewed obsession with coconut water.

But this isn’t any old coconut water. It’s Yoga Earth Coconut Water Purity which is a coconut water powder that comes in an individual serving making it portable without a need to refrigerate! (I don’t know about you but coconut water needs to be ice-cold!)

Mainly I drink it after a hot yoga class and I can tell how much it helps me re-hydrate. When I don’t drink coconut water, I’m really thirsty the rest of the day. When I drink a coconut water after class my thirst levels are normal. That is my scientific study. :)


  • that it is portable – I’ve been taking it to yoga to drink after class
  • it goes through airport security, so I was able to stay hydrated during holiday travel
  • the flavor – it is incredible!
  • that the strength can be altered depending on your preference


  • it was sold in stores! Right now, it can be purchased online or at various yoga studios


  1. says

    Oh, I haven’t seen this! I really came around to coconut water when we were in Brazil. I have to admit I like it better out of the coconut, but what can ya do around here? :) I’m going to incorporate more into my food plan during half marathon training this time around, a more natural way to go.

  2. says

    I really wish I could drink coconut water straight. But for some reason I find the taste a bit…gross? haha. I typically mix it into my smoothies/protein shakes because after a long run I know that the electrolytes in coconut water are superior to anything else. Hopefully they start selling this is stores! Would be really nice to have something portable that I could have on hand to mix in drinks.

    • says

      I definitely understand – I typically don’t like the plain coconut water, but for some reason I love this! Not sure if it has something to do with where they are from or what. Have you tried the coconut waters that have some juice added?

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